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Champlain College Celebrate 56 Years of Bon Temps
On February 4th, Champlain College’s longest-standing tradition, “Bon Temps” Winter College Weekend took place. Reuniting both current and former members of this close-knit collegiate community. Individuals on and off campus associated with Champlain College gathered to partake in a wide range of winter festivities in honour of this cherished tradition. Packed with the famous annual broomball tournament, axe throwing, gorilla golf, trivia, and more, this event lived up to its esteemed reputation.
Trent University Has a Branding Problem
Most people likely give Trent's logo little-to-no thought. Luckily, Evan Robins is here to ruin another beloved Trent institution! In this article she dives into the background of Trent's symbolic sword, and answers the question as to whom it belongs.
Trent English Dictionary; or, TED by Arthur
Volume 57 Editors Sebastian and Bethan have worked (with some help) to bring about a new living document to our dear readers. Introducing TED by Arthur!
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