Chartwells (Compass Group)

State of Decay: Labour Issues, Corporatization, and Food Security Inside Trent's Food Monopoly
By way of an August 4th job listing which purports to pay students with prepaid credit cards, co-editor Evan Robins dives into Chartwell's history as stewards of Trent's Foodservice contract, examining a long-standing pattern of labour disputes amidst pervasive issues of food security on campus.
The Seasoned Spoon: A Food Haven On Campus
In this op-ed, Stephanie Spencer argues that there should be more dining options like the Seasoned Spoon on Trent's campus. From students living in residence to those who come to school for classes daily, food options are limited to the often-unhealthy offerings at the school's cafeterias.
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Chartwells (Compass Group)