Dancing on my own in Celeste 64
Having recently discovered that her favourite game of all time received a 3D platformer spin-off/remake, Arthur editor Evan Robins reminisces on the impact one little indie game about a girl climbing a mountain has had on her life, and muses in typically indulgent fashion on the futurity of endings.
Cinevangelism Pilot: A Hard Day’s Night
Hello, and welcome to Cinevangelism. I’m sure for some of you it’s been a while. I’ve been at this bearing down on a year now, though I don’t know if I’ve ever properly prefaced any of it. I just kind of did it.
Cinevangelism Summer Blockbuster: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
After a brief hiatus ( it a hiatus if you don't tell anyone?) Cinevangelism returns with an instalment released during the month of August which miraculously avoids mentioning cicadas or Neon Genesis Evangelion! Through her trademark meandering narration Evangeline collates several summers' worth of accrued memory and reflects on fast food, friendship, and personal growth.
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