Cinevangelism Vol. 4: Korean Movies About Trains
Continually the victim of her own success, Cinevangelism shoots for the moon with a double-header for the month of March. Will she keep it under word count? The answer, as you'll see, is almost definitely "No!".
Cinevangelism Vol. 3 (Director’s Cut): Eternal Sunshine of the [Frot]less Mind (2004)
Arthur's resident Cinevangelist is back for her monthly breach of containment, and this time she's been reading, which can only be bad news! By way of big words and sob stories, Evangeline scrutinizes the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Frotless mind, reading into it far more than should be allowed.
Cinevangelism Interlude: Televangelism with Evangeline Robins: VOL I: “Love and Chainsaws” the She-quel: On the Animatic Adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man (2022)
Challenging herself to review something topical (or at least from this century) for once, Evangeline sinks her devilish teeth into Studio MAPPA's adaptation of Chainsaw Man.
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