The Anishinaabe vs. the Crown: Fashioning a Just Award in the Robinson Superior Treaty Annuity Case
Stage 3 of the Robinson Superior Treaty annuity case took place at the Supreme Court of Canada on November 7th and 8th. The 3rd phase in a case must quantify the compensation for the Robinson Superior Treaty beneficiaries for the breach of treaty that took place. The Crown and the plaintiffs take conflicting views in the matter and provide a drastically large difference in final calculations for a just award. 
Bowlcut: Champlain Committee Suggests New Name for Controversial College
Following the scandal of 2023's Head of the Trent (HOTT) weekend, the Board of Governors of Trent University reconvened the Champlain Committee with an eye to remedy past indiscretions by giving the college, a longstanding source of controversy, a new name.
Decolonizing Veganism With The Seasoned Spoon
In what ways can we de-centre whiteness in meat-free living? Emi Habel explores this question in her visit to the Seasoned Spoon’s ‘Decolonizing Veganism’ event. Learn about the movement and the BIPOC chefs bringing authentic culture and technique back to veganism and vegan dishes.
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