On Trent Land: An Alternative Plan
Connor McCaskill and Carolina Engering are senior undergrad students in Michael Classens’ ERST 4810- Ecological Design course. As their final project, they have chosen to undertake the task of bettering the Trent Lands Plan, specifically proposing an alternative to Cleantech’s ‘Street B’ that will bisect the Trent Vegetable Garden.
The 140 Billion Dollar Personality Cult
Katie Pedlar critiques the ethics and efficiency of high budget environmentalism. How does our fascination with technology convolute the priorities of environmentalism? And how are we to resist the charms of a handsome billionaire genius who claims to know what’s best?
Municipal Parks and COVID-19
In his second article on the importance of city parks and COVID-19, Robert Gibson dives into the stats that relate COVID-19 incidence to availability of city parks. While there isn’t a direct link between these two factors, Gibson argues that biodiversity is linked to the incidence of pandemic and that parks have many health benefits for urban populations.
Black Girls Chatter
Alicia and Shae dive into the concerning topic about Canada’s involvement with environmental racism and how it immensely damages BIPOC communities.
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