Food Politics

Decolonizing Veganism With The Seasoned Spoon
In what ways can we de-centre whiteness in meat-free living? Emi Habel explores this question in her visit to the Seasoned Spoon’s ‘Decolonizing Veganism’ event. Learn about the movement and the BIPOC chefs bringing authentic culture and technique back to veganism and vegan dishes.
The Seasoned Spoon: A Food Haven On Campus
In this op-ed, Stephanie Spencer argues that there should be more dining options like the Seasoned Spoon on Trent's campus. From students living in residence to those who come to school for classes daily, food options are limited to the often-unhealthy offerings at the school's cafeterias.
Building a Community That Feeds Itself: PTBO's 1st Community Fridge
Meet the collective who built a community fridge to help relieve food insecurity in Nogojiwanong-Peterborough earlier this September and find out how you can get involved! Broke and hungry students, this one’s for you.
Bread: Culture Politics and Practice
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Nicole Burton
For various reasons—social isolation, quarantining, fear of food shortages, boredom, social media—the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a dramatic increase in sourdough breadmaking. While this is something to be celebrated, the phenomena also calls for closer scrutiny.
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