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Alfred: Letters to the Editors
Members of the student body share their thoughts with the inimitable editors of Alfred. A union boasts of their fair and democratic elections, and a concerned student sounds the alarm about a red scare inside a long-standing campus institution. Read on to find out more!
Alfred: Classifieds and Advertisements
Seeking support amid the drudgery of student life? In search of gainful employment? Maybe just looking for love? Alfred is pleased to be your one-stop shop for all these things and more. Enjoy perusing these listings at your leisure. Who knows—maybe something will catch your eye!
Bowlcut: Trent IT Announces Shutdown of all Trent Email Addresses, to be Replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signaling
Trent University announces the shutting down of all Trent email accounts, replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signals, Yogurt Cups and Megaphones.
Radio Free Arthur
The Editors reconvene to discuss the newly announced cap on the number of International Student Visas issued by the federal government—a decision which promises to have some rather marked impacts on a certain university of note to them.
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