Humour / Satire / Parody

A Review of a Service Canada phone call
Robert Gibson reviews a Service Canada phone call in this timely piece of comedy as more people are using Service Canada over the phone. While his experience was a hellscape, he hopes you have a better time.
The Bowlcut: Happy Holidays from a Safe Distance
A satirical address from the President of LeglessU! Arthur funny-man Drew Dafoe takes a poke at Public Relations, and those infamous Holiday Videos that are viewed exclusively by students desperate to procrastinate during exam season. Find out how Legless Pete plans to celebrate the holidays! Hint: it involves that dreaded Josh Groban album and being ignorant about any holiday that isn't Christmas.
The Bowlcut: Reconciliatory Cuddles
Reviewer extraordinaire, Dante Pettapiece, takes a break from LitCrit to try his hand at satire. In this hilarious yet poignant short story, Dante explores the aftermath of the 2020 American election, and how America could reset itself. Spoiler: there's a lot of tears and tenderness. You might even feel hopeful about the future!
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Humour / Satire / Parody