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Bowlcut: Irreversible Damage – the Transgender Craze and the Swedish Twinks who Created It
Everywhere in the media today, we are seeing an unequivocal and unilateral push towards transgenderism. This narrative is dominant, and leaves no place for any opposition. Narratives like mine are very difficult to share in Canadian media, their censorship is extremely tangible. This phenomenon leads me to a Glossary of terms that will be a vital point of reference for the rest of this text
Bowlcut: Champlain Committee Suggests New Name for Controversial College
Following the scandal of 2023's Head of the Trent (HOTT) weekend, the Board of Governors of Trent University reconvened the Champlain Committee with an eye to remedy past indiscretions by giving the college, a longstanding source of controversy, a new name.
Bowlcut: Peterborough Police Chief Longs for Opportunity to Address Media Outside Local Tim Hortons
Since taking over as Chief of Peterborough Police Service, Betts has developed what some consider to be a distasteful habit of holding press conferences from the areas where violent crimes have occurred. According to internal documents from the Peterborough Police Service made available to Arthur in exchange for a sizeable envelope of student money, Police Chief Stuart Betts has made it clear to staff that he hopes the next violent crime in this city occurs in a Tim Hortons’ parking lot in order to save him the trip and time setting up press availability inconveniently far from his favourite donut shop.
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Humour / Satire / Parody