Indigenous Peoples

Parliament Acknowledges Residential Schools Constitute a Genocide
On October 27, 2022, the Canadian House of Commons unanimously adopted a motion proposed by NDP MP, Leah Gazan to recognize the Indian Residential School system as an act of genocide. It has now been three months since this motion passed and there seems to have been relatively sparse coverage regarding such a momentous occasion. One of the major questions many are wondering is what comes next?
Trent’s Indigenous Bachelor of Education Students go to Winnipeg
Arthur journalist and Indigenous B.Ed. candidate, Bethanie Dusome, chronicles her trip to Winnipeg where she attended Indspire's National Gathering for Indigenous Education.
Language as a Form of Love, Respect, and Reconciliation
Indigenous playwright, composer, pianist, and author Tomson Highway recently featured at Trent University's M.L. Morton Lecture series. Journalist Owen Harrison reflects on the event, Highway's discussion of language, and his new album Cree Country.
Black Girls Chatter
In this weeks' episode of Black Girls Chatter, Shaela and Alicia discuss BIPOC mascots and how they affect the communities they are depicting, giving specific examples of Aunt Jemima and the Lakefield Chiefs.
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