Bites Beyond Borders | An (Attempted) Conversation with The Kawartha Region's Largest Exotic Snack Shop
Peterborough’s very own Snack Attack Supermarket was the ‘sneaky kid’ who opened my saccharine snacking options beyond the bounds of local Canadian big box grocers. Opening their first of three locations last September in downtown Peterborough, Snack Attack boasts over 1200 products from around the globe.
An Interview With Chancellor Stephen Stohn
On a sunny early August afternoon, the editors of Volume 58 had the pleasure of sitting down with the inimitable Stephen Stohn, Chancellor of Trent University, Executive Producer of Degrassi and numerous other TV series, and (perhaps most famously) the very first editor of Arthur. 
Feedback Saxophonist Greg Bruce on Post-digitalism, Research, and Embracing the Friction of the Analog
Arthur Co-Editor Evan Robins interviews Greg Bruce, a saxophonist and U of T doctoral candidate playing Live @ the John on June 17th, 2023.
What's the Point?
This week on What's the Point?! interview this years candidates running in the TCSA Spring Elections! We start with a quick primer on what the TCSA is and what has been up in the past few years. Listen in to get the tea on how to vote in this year's elections.
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