"Skate Hard, Hit Hard": A Conversation with the Peterborough Area Roller Derby Team
It’s sometimes the case that the sports we see on TV (or the ones at the centre of municipal discussion) tend to overshadow other, lesser known pastimes which are every bit as interesting. Enter roller derby—it’s fast paced, close knit, and welcoming to everyone.
An Interview with Neuro-diverse Professor Derek Newman-Stille
In this second edition of my ongoing interviews with Neurodivergent professors here at Trent, we speak with Derek Newman-Stille (They/Them), a nine-time Aurora Award winner for fantasy and science fiction writing, and Trent PhD candidate, who specializes in fat studies, disability studies, and queer studies.
Drew Hayden Taylor: The Arthur Interview
Arthur editor Evan Robins caught up with author Drew Hayden Taylor following last week's launch of his new novel, COLD, to chat about writing, the honorary doctorate he received from Trent University, and how it feels to be a rockstar of contemporary literature—at least in his own way.
What's the Point?
This week on What's the Point?! interview this years candidates running in the TCSA Spring Elections! We start with a quick primer on what the TCSA is and what has been up in the past few years. Listen in to get the tea on how to vote in this year's elections.
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