Vigil Held to Pressure Council into Calling for Ceasefire in Palestine
On the afternoon of December 11th, approximately 25 members of the Peterborough community gathered for a vigil outside the City Hall to demand that Mayor Jeff Leal and City Councillors call for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in Palestine.
Israel and Palestine Panel Discussion at Trent Speaks Truth to Power
While the Canadian government continues to shy away from calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing attacks by Israel, Trent University is among other Canadian institutions that do not mirror that sentiment. The university played host to a panel discussion titled “Israel and Palestine: What is Happening and What Might Happen Next?” on November 7th, covering the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank. 
To All Those Who Are Neutral In Today’s Holocaust
If you have ever wondered how the world allowed the Holocaust to happen, pay close attention to the silence today. The State of Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza, having killed about 5,791 Palestinians, displacing a further 1.4 million Palestinians, and bombing hospitals, bakeries and places of worship.
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