Trent Will Not Clear Bridge Memorial in Advance of Convocation
Convocation season is upon us and many students set to graduate across Canada will be doing so as encampments and protests persist on their campuses.
Trent Administration Agrees to Meeting with Sit-In Organizers as Institutional Responses Vary Across the Province
As students around the world continue to mobilize and demand accountability from post-secondary institutions, institutional responses vary widely. Some universities have reached agreements with organizers and agreed to demands for disclosure and divestment, while others seek legal actions to dismantle encampments. 
Letter to the Editors: Trent Must Address Student Wellness Centre Director's Behaviour
S4P Trent writes to Trent University administration to urge them to address Director of its Student Wellness Centre, Stewart Engelberg's decision to film student protesters at a May 15th sit-in and leave anti-Palestinian comments under S4P Trent posts.
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