How to Write Better, Faster, and More 
Coordinating Editor Evan Robins offers a witty and winding cornucopia's worth of writing advice for those seeking professional advice on the improvement of their craft. Read on for all sorts of insights the more respectable journalists won't tell you!
These Most Banned, Most Beautiful Books
I don’t like being told what to read any more than I like being told what to do. As a welcome break from my assigned academic readings this past spring, I decided to only read banned books. Two of the most banned books, in fact, of the last century.
Exploring the Queer Community Through African Authors
Contributor Chukwugoziem Nwadugbo thoughtfully reflects on how literature can shed light on the realities of LGBTQ+ experiences in African countries and how the power of telling these stories can disrupt western narratives of queerness.
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