Justin Million On Being a Poet in Peterborough and The Closure of The Poetry Show and Tell Series Showcase
Co-editor Abbigale Kernya sits down with Peterborough poet and founder of the Show and Tell Poetry Series, Justin Million, to talk about the future of the series following the June 2nd announcement that the Series' poetry showcase will end in July after nine years of operation, in tandem with his experience working as an artist in the city.
Long Live Weird Women
Following the discovery of Sylvia Plath and Mona Awad that forever changed her life, Arthur co-editor Abbigale Kernya opens up in a vulnerable journey detailing her affinity for weird women in literature and why, against her better judgement, she has decided to re-read the best-selling fantasy series "A Court of Thorns and Roses."
What is "Bury Your Gays?": Examining a Contemporary Media Trope
Media tropes, cinematic metaphors, or simply the common themes which we see across genres of entertainment have engineered the foundational societal understandings of how particular groups of people, genders, or general happenings are presented. The “Bury Your Gays” literary trope, which appeared in the late 19th century, has since entered popular social discussion resulting of the aggressive social outcry which followed the on screen death of popular The 100 character in 2016.
Radio Free Arthur
The Editors reunite once again in the studio to bring you the hard-hitting news: creative writing seminars suck and Arthur's beloved Sally Rooney is releasing a new novel.
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