Nathan Whitlock Launches Newest Novel “Lump” at Take Cover Books
On November 21st, author Nathan Whitlock was at Peterborough’s own Take Cover Books, promoting the launch of his third book Lump. Whitlock described this novel as his “favourite” of all his books, about “relationships”, “class and privilege”, and “the power that we have over people, and we don’t even realize it.”
The Holy Trifecta of Ocean Vuong
If you’ll have me, allow me to explain my love and gut-wrenching obsession with one of the greatest contemporary writers of our time.
How to Write Better, Faster, and More 
Coordinating Editor Evan Robins offers a witty and winding cornucopia's worth of writing advice for those seeking professional advice on the improvement of their craft. Read on for all sorts of insights the more respectable journalists won't tell you!
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