Occupied Palestine

Trent's Faculty Association Passes Motion Calling for Divestment and Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza
Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA), the union representing full-time faculty and librarians at Trent University, passed a motion on June 12th which calls for a permanent ceasefire and condemns scholasticide in Gaza and other Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Trent Graduating Students Raise Awareness for Palestine During Convocation
On June 5th, some graduating students at Trent University crossed the convocation stage wearing keffiyehs and holding banners to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide and scholasticide in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.
Trent Administration Agrees to Meeting with Sit-In Organizers as Institutional Responses Vary Across the Province
As students around the world continue to mobilize and demand accountability from post-secondary institutions, institutional responses vary widely. Some universities have reached agreements with organizers and agreed to demands for disclosure and divestment, while others seek legal actions to dismantle encampments. 
Radio Free Arthur
With two weeks having passed since the editors last properly sat down together, there is so much to catch up on. From several new articles from Arthur journalists, a breakdown on the latest from Peterborough City Hall—including the new waste collection program—and the much awaited 2024 budget, there's much to talk about and only so much t
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