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The Case for Divestment
As the ramifications of climate change become ever more present, and the direct link between fossil fuels industries and global warming become ever more clear, Trent continues to finance the very same industry that in the 1980s privately predicted the apocalyptic consequences of oil and its emissions. Irene Suvillaga dives into the principles of divestment and its impact, fossil fuel companies’ influence on academia and Trent's reluctance to implement this action.
DisOrientation Week 2021
OPIRG Peterborough's Special Events Coordinator, Simone Zhu outlines their annual DisOrientation Week! Learn more about the exciting roster of events they have planned for Trent, Nogo, + beyond!
OPIRG's New Research on Student Experiences During the Pandemic
Madelin Gennaro examines Diya Shah’s research on students’ experiences with online learning during the pandemic. Shah’s research shows that the year has been challenging for students, and that online learning has taken a toll. Students have especially struggled financially, socially and with mental health broadly. While it is unclear whether shutdowns will continue in the Fall 2021 semester, Shah’s research suggests that a hybrid model of in-person and online classes would be the best option for improving student experiences across the board.
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