ReFrame 2023

“Cook it up yourself” and “Carry It On” - Buffy Sainte-Marie
“Some will tell you that you really ain’t on the menu. Don’t believe them. Cook it up yourself and then prepare to serve them” – Buffy Sainte-Marie.
Dear Jackie: Learning About Black History in Canada
It is impossible to move on from the past without admitting and addressing what had happened. The future is bleak if the mistakes of the past are not recognized, addressed, and compensated for. Canada’s multiculturalism policy is set to fail because the country has failed to address the way it has marginalized several groups. Canadians compare themselves to the United States and convince themselves that they are better because they are not as bad. A long history of slavery, racist immigration policy, segregation and violence against Black people in Canada is continually disregarded because it is not taught nor talked about.
Editorial: And Action! ReFrame Brings Global Activism to Nogojiwanong
Bethan Bates reflects upon the 2023 ReFrame Film Festival and how the festival brings global issues home to remind us how we're all connected.
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ReFrame 2023