Reframe Film Festival

ReFrame Review: The Garden Collective
Aras Mommertz reviews Sara Wylie's short documentary 'The Garden Collective.' This film documents the Prison for Women (P4W) Memorial Collective, telling tragic stories of injustice in the Kingston women's prison which closed in 2000, particularly histories of violence inflicted upon Indigenous women. 'The Garden Collective' is also a story of colonial brutality, the violence that the Canadian justice system continues to inflict, and the immense project for justice and healing that this collective has undertaken.
ReFrame Review: Call Me Human
Katie Pedlar discusses Kim O'Bomsawin's impactful new documentary, Call Me Human. This film follows Innu poet Joséphine Bacon, though she rejects the title as "poet" does not exist in Innu-aimun. As part of a generation grappling with the effects of centuries of violent oppression, Bacon's work serves to nourish Innu language, resisting colonial suffocation of Innu language and culture.
ReFrame Review: The Reason I Jump
Robert Gibson reviews Jerry Rothwell's The Reason I Jump. This film is adapted from Naoki Higashida's 2007 memoir on growing up as a non-verbal autistic person. The Reason I Jump explores these themes, weaving together individual stories and challenging ableist myths and stigma around autistic people who require a high degree of support. Gibson writes that this film accomplishes the difficult task of bringing the audience into the minds of neurodiverse people with respect and care.
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