Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Letter to the Editors: Trent Must Address Student Wellness Centre Director's Behaviour
S4P Trent writes to Trent University administration to urge them to address Director of its Student Wellness Centre, Stewart Engelberg's decision to film student protesters at a May 15th sit-in and leave anti-Palestinian comments under S4P Trent posts.
Living With An Invisible Disability
A disability is defined as a limitation or impairment, either physical or mental, which makes it more difficult for an individual to do certain activities (activity limitation), or interferes with their ability to interact with the world around them (participation restrictions). There are both visible and invisible forms of disability, which can impact the way a person is able to participate in society. It does not mean, however, that someone diagnosed with a disability is unable to live a rich, fulfilling life. It simply means that they may need different accommodations and supports, while still respecting the person’s individual autonomy.
Icy Wheelchair Ramps and the Ableist Culture at Trent
In this article, Emi Habel addresses the lack of disability awareness and accessibility in post-secondary institutions. While Trent promises each and every student the same educational experience, many students feel their accessibility needs have not been met.
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Student Accessibility Services (SAS)