TCSA Spring Elections

Think Twice About the Housing Services Referendum
Trent Students! Trent University wants you to foot the bill for a new position in the Trent Housing department, one that will help students find housing amidst PTBO’s housing crisis – a crisis they helped create. We encourage students to vote NO to Trent’s off-campus housing referendum. 
TCSA Elections: Meet the Candidates
Read the platforms of the candidates running in the 2022 TCSA Spring Elections.
TCSA Elections Part 2: The Executive Candidates
In her second article covering the TCSA Spring Elections, Irene Suvillaga focuses on the candidates running for executive positions. Suvillaga documents the second half of the ‘Candidate Meet and Greet’ where the candidates for VP Health and Wellness, and VP Campaigns and Equity shared their platforms and answered questions from viewers and previous TCSA board members.
What's the Point?
This week on What's the Point?! interview this years candidates running in the TCSA Spring Elections! We start with a quick primer on what the TCSA is and what has been up in the past few years. Listen in to get the tea on how to vote in this year's elections.
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