The Bowlcut

Bowlcut: We’re All Going to Pride with Arthur
Arthur co-editor Evan Robins curates an all-inclusive trip of Toronto Pride for the discerning Arthurian, and if you're not yet sold she has a stacked itinerary with which to convince you.
Bowlcut: Trent IT Announces Shutdown of all Trent Email Addresses, to be Replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signaling
Trent University announces the shutting down of all Trent email accounts, replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signals, Yogurt Cups and Megaphones.
Dear David: I'm Full of Beans!
Dear David is back to help you cut down on grocery costs, and introduces a not-new national incentive that plays homage to Canada's greatest philosophical mind.
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The Bowlcut