Girl God Go North: Trans Comedy Twosome Take Toronto
Evan Robins enjoys the honour and privilege of interviewing Girl God (Girl Gods? Girl Goddesses?) April Clark and Grace Freud—the first ever* trans woman comedians!
Maybe They Have to Poop
Following a chance incident during a snowstorm, Daniel Morris contemplates how we ascribe intent to others and suggests a new way to extend the benefit of the doubt.
Cinevangelism Vol. V: The Scott Pilgrim Cinematic Universe
Scrambling to meet her CanCon quota, Evangeline mans a field trip to a favourite piece of quirky Canadiana set in her least favourite Canadian city. Along the way she makes sure to highlight the series’ underpinning chaserish themes and to consider the nostalgic merit of slicing up the early 2000s into a tight six-volume manga.
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