Trent Lands Plan

Sun’s Out, Reports are In at Trent Board of Governors Meeting
Trent University's Board of Governors convened on June 27th to congratulate themselves on another year of enrolment increases, revenue surpluses, capital projects which are definitely soon to break ground soon.
Board of Governors Dives Head First Into Summer Following Shallow Discussion
Trent's Board of Governors was in a race to get out for summer break as they rushed through the approval of important, and arguably misleading, reports.
Growing Pains
In this episode, we unpack Cleantech Commons, and how it opens our campus to commerce. We enlist the help of Prof. Andrew Wernick, to explain what it means for a university to have a brand. We also sit down with Martin Yuill from Cleantech, and try to get to the bottom of who will profit off this project.
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