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A Welcome From Trent Radio
Rock and Roll Fairy Godmother, Director of Programming, and Local Legend Jill Staveley introduces Trent Radio for another year of programming.
RPM Challenge: Mixing Tricks
As the Record Production Month challenge draws closer to the submission date, Spencer Wells and Connor Stinson discuss the basics of mixing and mastering recorded audio – including equalizers, compression, and reverb effects. The article touches upon Spencer and Connor’s experiences as co-hosts and musicians, with tips based on the Audacity recording and editing platform. Part of a month-long series documenting the 2021 RPM Challenge.
RPM Challenge: A Songwriter’s Primer
With the RPM Challenge officially underway, Spencer Wells offers insightful tips and techniques on how to get started on the songwriting process. The challenge is seeking musical submissions from anyone and everyone interested, regardless of prior musical experience. This article is part of a month-long document highlighting the event, with each article reflecting Spencer's progress as he participates in the challenge himself.
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