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Top Five Internet and/or Operating System Simulation Videogames
Taking a break from literary criticism, Dante Pettapiece decides to sit behind a gamer's keyboard instead. While reviewing five recent videogames, Pettapiece charts out how each one replicates and comments on the past of technology and internet culture, occasionally pointing out where reality and technology might be better off separate than together.
How chess taught me to blunder, beautifully
In this article Lucas shares his recent fixation on chess, and how it’s changed the way he thinks of failure. Read to enjoy how he’s learned to blunder beautifully!
It’s My World of Warcraft, and I Get to Pick the Soundtrack
In this article, Cameron Noble writes about how he rediscovered his long lost middle school love during the pandemic: World of Warcraft. He reflects on his quest for nostalgia and recounts the many podcasts he listened to in his quest from the first level to the sixtieth.
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