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Dancing on my own in Celeste 64
Having recently discovered that her favourite game of all time received a 3D platformer spin-off/remake, Arthur editor Evan Robins reminisces on the impact one little indie game about a girl climbing a mountain has had on her life, and muses in typically indulgent fashion on the futurity of endings.
Do We Have Too Much Video Games?
On December 7th, the ninth annual Game Awards passed me by without ceremony. It was the first time in five years that I had not watched the event live.I assure you, reader, that I had every intention to watch it. Much though I bemoaned the event in my last year’s article about it, I admittedly teased a sequel, and had every intention of making good upon said implication.
Study Hack for Gamers
After spending many days and nights trying to get one of her 5 million essays due done, Abbigail has figured out the perfect way to trick her mind into staying focused... make it think it's gaming!
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