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Binary Sea - Elden Ring Review: First Impressions
Cameron Noble reviews 'Elden Ring' declaring the game a 'triumphant moment' for video games, unpacking how it subverts trope and cliche and immerses the player in an entirely new world.
Fallout New Vegas: An Introduction to Politics
Can a video game about a post-nuclear fallout future set in Las Vegas change your understanding of the present political moment? Cheyenne Wood reviews Fallout New Vegas and dives into the twisted future and the political realities it reflects.
Top Five Internet and/or Operating System Simulation Videogames
Taking a break from literary criticism, Dante Pettapiece decides to sit behind a gamer's keyboard instead. While reviewing five recent videogames, Pettapiece charts out how each one replicates and comments on the past of technology and internet culture, occasionally pointing out where reality and technology might be better off separate than together.
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