At the ripe age of 20, Abbigail has been condemned to the brain of an old man on the brink of death due to her undying love for all things philosophy. She pairs it nicely with a refreshing side of sociology, just to keep her up-to-date with the horrors of the current times. Besides that, her favourite things are either gross, childish, or annoying. For example, she loves deathmatch wrestling, Pokemon, and poetry. She often recalls in highschool hating ethics and poetry because they were so subjective, but look at her now. 

Enthralled with the prospect of knowledge, Abbigail encourages you to think harder along side her on this journey here at Arthur. Often times, writing essays consists of staring off into the distance with thoughts going a thousand miles a minute until everything just clicks and the typing becomes ASMR-worthy. Thinking is a wondrous thing, and we should take advantage of our unique capabilities, Abbigail thinks, obviously not influenced by studying the sentence “I think therefore I am” for the last four years of her life. 

When she isn’t thinking about things, Abbigail spends her time listening to music, spending times with her loved ones, writing for fun, and colour-coordinating her makeup to her outfit. Her top five artists from 2023 (so far) are Pierce the Veil, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, My Chemical Romance, and Slipknot, according to Apple Music, so make of that what you will. Until next time.

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Writers Reading Series Celebrates Code Noir with Canisia Lubrin
The Writer's Reading Series returns to Trent University in 2024. Champlain College hosts award-winning author, Canisia Lubrin to celebrate the launch of her first fiction novel Code Noir.
Study Hack for Gamers
After spending many days and nights trying to get one of her 5 million essays due done, Abbigail has figured out the perfect way to trick her mind into staying focused... make it think it's gaming!
The Right to Life, Liberty, and Now Death: Examining Canada’s New MAiD Parameters
With the release of the Health Canada’s fourth annual report on MAID in 2022 just a few days ago, Abbigail has taken the time to look at some of the new changes to the law that are being planned for spring 2024.
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Device that picks up speed?
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Pond growth
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