Aras Mommertz

Interview with BIPOC Liason: Rhea Shahe
Aras Mommertz interviews the Trent Centre for Women and Trans People’s BIPOC Liaison, Rhea Shahe. Rhea explains the importance of her work providing an explicitly BIPOC-focused space in an organization that must contend with issues of representation. She shares the results of her research at the Centre and the projects she is currently focused on: BIPOC Archives Nogo and the BIPOC self-care zine in collaboration with the Trent Queer Collective.
New Year New Queer: Review of the Trent Queer Collective’s Annual General Meeting
Aras Mommertz reviews the Trent Queer Collective (TQC)'s Annual General Meeting, where the organization re-caps what they have been up to over the past year. Learn more about how the TQC are bringing the Queer community together and uplifting Queer voices, through their radio show 'Queer Talks', their QTBIPOC fund, their rebrand, and their upcoming plans for a Queer Skateboarding group come Spring!
ReFrame Review: The Garden Collective
Aras Mommertz reviews Sara Wylie's short documentary 'The Garden Collective.' This film documents the Prison for Women (P4W) Memorial Collective, telling tragic stories of injustice in the Kingston women's prison which closed in 2000, particularly histories of violence inflicted upon Indigenous women. 'The Garden Collective' is also a story of colonial brutality, the violence that the Canadian justice system continues to inflict, and the immense project for justice and healing that this collective has undertaken.
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