Cameron Noble is a third-year Cultural Studies undergraduate at Trent University, independent journalist and Twitch streamer, who hosts the collaborative podcast ‘Field Work’ with Arthur Newspaper and Sadleir House. His journalism focuses on a solutions-based left-wing analysis of the development of right-wing political movements including most recently, the anti-vaccination movement, QANON, and Canadian far-right extremists.

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Binary Sea - Elden Ring Review: First Impressions
Cameron Noble reviews 'Elden Ring' declaring the game a 'triumphant moment' for video games, unpacking how it subverts trope and cliche and immerses the player in an entirely new world.
The Curious Case of Dr. Dummitt
Cameron Noble breaks down arguments made by Trent Canadian Studies professor, Dr. Christopher Dummitt, who argues that Canadian colonialism was not a genocide of Indigenous peoples.
It’s My World of Warcraft, and I Get to Pick the Soundtrack
In this article, Cameron Noble writes about how he rediscovered his long lost middle school love during the pandemic: World of Warcraft. He reflects on his quest for nostalgia and recounts the many podcasts he listened to in his quest from the first level to the sixtieth.
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