Cameron is the Social Media Manager at Arthur, but frequently other things too! Including an aspiring journalist. Starting at Arthur Newspaper in issue 55, he contributes to the production of our newsletter, manages our Twitter account, and is occasionally called upon to do graphic design and video editing, such as our annual Fundraiser/Telethon. He’s also the designer behind our new upcoming brand identity, including logo! As an aspiring journalist, Cam attends Arthur’s regular journalist trainings, story meetings, and is currently pursuing a full-time degree at Trent University in Cultural Studies. In addition to wanting to be an art gallery curator, he would also like to work in video games journalism part-time!  

He is also passionate about anti-fascist organizing, as his current journalistic beat is critically analyzing the development of right-wing organizing both locally and across Canada through a revolutionary anti-capitalist framework.  

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It’s My World of Warcraft, and I Get to Pick the Soundtrack
In this article, Cameron Noble writes about how he rediscovered his long lost middle school love during the pandemic: World of Warcraft. He reflects on his quest for nostalgia and recounts the many podcasts he listened to in his quest from the first level to the sixtieth.
The Grift that Keeps on Giving
In this op-ed, Cameron Noble explores how the anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine movements overlap with far right movements in Peterborough. He provides a glimpse at the backdrop of anti-vaccine sentiments in Canada, and some updates about the anti-lockdown movement locally. Ultimately, Noble argues that while these movements seem fringe, they have perhaps shifted the overton window both in how mainstream media frames the pandemic response, and in how state actors have repeatedly put self-interest and profit above the safety of citizens.
Little Barbershop of Horrors: The Bosses Revolt
In this op-ed, Cameron Noble tracks the rise of anti-mask, anti-vax, anti-lockdown mobilization in our city -- including how local business owners are working together to 'end the lockdowns.'
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