Cheyenne first joined the Arthur as a staff writer in her first year at Trent in 2019 and has been a contributor ever since, even joining Arthur’s board as secretary in early 2021. A firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword, Cheyenne has no qualms in taking up swords when it comes to video games or dungeons and dragons. An aspiring journalist and writer, Cheyenne seeks to offer unique perspectives from their intersectional position as a queer, urban Indigenous youth. More often than not she seeks to educate and inform others on sociopolitical issues that affect minorities, both locally and nationally. Some of their other work includes 50 years on a Road Less Travelled and Through the Eyes of Gamechangers, two articles she was commissioned to write for Trent’s Alumni Magazine, volume 50.2. When it comes to her writing, Cheyenne always wears their heart on their sleeve, so often you’ll find her writing about things that she feels passionate about.

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Confronting and Discussing Racism in Healthcare
In times of truth and reconciliation, institutional racism in healthcare is the focus of a Zoom panel hosted by Lady Eaton College, featuring speakers Ethel Nalule and Mackenzie Taylor.
A Case For Louis Riel College
In this article, Cheyenne Wood revisits the conversation around the renaming of Champlain College, and for the first time, offers an alternative: Louis Riel. Wood details the contradictions involved in Champlain's name remaining on campus, and builds an argument for replacing it with that of the Métis revolutionary, Louis Riel.
A Love Letter to Red Dead Redemption 2
In this review of Red Dead Redemption 2, Cheyenne Wood explains why this game became a source of solace for her during the pandemic. They explain everything they love about it: well-developed characters, good story-telling, and all the historical accuracies that help to get people thinking about colonization.
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2022-01-17 | Hinter Wonderland
Sundae worship?
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Like some contracts and contraceptives
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