Dante Pettapiece is a writer who believes strongly in the merits of a free and independent press, despite not being a journalistic type human himself. He is an English major currently focusing on creative writing, as well as an award-winning composer of classical-contemporary music. Outside of writing of all types, he is also enthusiastically curious about film photography, environmentalism, politics, postmodernism, and puzzles.

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Top Five Internet and/or Operating System Simulation Videogames
Taking a break from literary criticism, Dante Pettapiece decides to sit behind a gamer's keyboard instead. While reviewing five recent videogames, Pettapiece charts out how each one replicates and comments on the past of technology and internet culture, occasionally pointing out where reality and technology might be better off separate than together.
The Arthur Literary Review: Roger Boylan's Timeless Novel
In his latest edition of the Arthur Literary Review, Dante Pettapiece reviews Roger Boylan's newest novel, The Adorations, which has been described as this Nabokovian author's magnum opus.
Private Server, Lonely World
In his most recent non-fiction story, Dante Pettapiece recounts an online encounter with a Penguin, the avatar of a self-proclaimed shut-in from Hong Kong. Pettapiece weaves web worlds, long nights, and the elusive question of democracy into this story about confronting someone for whom the new norm of “quarantine” is typical.
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