Evan Robins

Coordinating Editor
Coordinating Editor

“One of the best upcoming trans journalists,” “a thesaurus,” “mommy,”—these are just some of the things THE Evan Robins has been called in her time at Arthur. Having spent many years as a lowly staff writer, Arthur’s resident camp queen has finally claimed her spot as co-editor regnant of Volume 58.

Bearing the illustrious distinction of both writer of Arthur’s longest article to date (a metric in which she continually bests herself) and prolific designer of myriad visually offensive article covers, Evan’s body is perhaps best described as a machine which turns Diet Coke®, soy protein isolate, and PDFs of works of non-fiction into overwrought, self-indulgent oeuvres (or so she thinks) about otherwise inane cultural phenomena. She is passionate about intersectional and solutions-based journalism, and writes lengthy diatribes informed by a fixation for research and presented with her propensity for em-dashes and trademark trans-girl irreverence.

Since getting her start in her high school paper, Knightwatch, Evan’s work has been published in such outlets as Maclean’s and Xtra Magazine. Evan has also edited QueerlinesArthur’s zine in collaboration with the Trent Queer Collective—been interviewed on the Corner of Hunter and George podcast and featured on the Trent Radio (CFFF  92.7 FM) program NOISEHOLE, though her biggest claim to fame will always be having once been reposted by Arca.

Outside of work, Evan delights in watching obscure foreign slasher movies for her Honours Thesis, which is, of course, about trans lesbian vampires. She may or may not be publishing her debut novel—a sapphic coming-of-age sci-fi homage to Top Gun—piecemeal on her secret AO3 account.

Assuming this whole “writer” thing doesn’t pan out, Evan intends to test how long it is humanly possible to stay in grad school, and would be grateful for the financial patronage of any well-off older women interested in supporting this endeavour.

In death, as in life, she aspires to haunt the Only Café.

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VP Health & Wellness Bri Policicchio Resigns Amid Accusations of Racist Conduct
As of March 11th, 2024, Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Vice President Health & Wellness, Bri Policicchio, resigned from her position amid allegations of bigoted behaviour and workplace conduct from her fellow executives. In a letter obtained by Arthur written by TCSA President, Aimee Anctil, to the Association’s Elections Committee, Anctil alleges that from as early as June of 2023, Policicchio repeatedly harassed Association staff and Directors, monitored BIPOC Association Staff during work hours, and attempted to wrest power from the Association’s Resource Manager and General Director.
Editorial: Arthur Newspaper Endorses Every Candidate in TCSA Election
In the spirit of equity and as part of our mandate to inform our shared membership with the TCSA of their roles in fostering a positive environment for discourse on issues that matter to students both as members of the university community and as citizens of Nogojiwanong/Peterborough; Arthur unequivocally endorses all candidates for the upcoming TCSA elections.
Editorial: Whose Student Union is it?
In what can only be described as a sucker punch to those of the Association’s membership who showed up to vote on specific by-law amendments which they rejected—twice—during a February 14th Semi Annual General Meeting (SAGM), the TCSA decided to ignore the will of students who cast their vote in a duly convened meeting and force the questions to appear on a referendum on the Spring Election ballot. 
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