Evan Robins

Student Journalist
Member at Large

An enthusiast of many trades but a master of none, Evan Robins is a student journalist suffering from a severe affliction of “Cultural Studies brain”. She writes compulsively, and is thus happy that somebody is paying her to do just that. Evan is passionate about intersectional and solutions-based journalism. At Arthur she writes lengthy diatribes and inquiries informed by a passion for research and learning presented with her trademark trans-girl irreverence. Besides regular articles and reviews of whatever games or movies she’s finally crossed off her backlog, Evan has also worked as the editor for Queerlines 2021, Arthur’s zine in collaboration with the Trent Queer Collective.

Outside of work she drives herself madder by reading academic theory for “fun”, as well as writing, painting, and telling herself this is definitely the month she sits down to finish that manuscript. Assuming this whole “writer” thing doesn’t pan out, she intends to test how long it is humanly possible to stay in Grad school.

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OneCity Slams Pappas, City’s Shelter Decision Amid Ongoing Housing Crisis
OneCity Peterborough calls out Councillor Dean Pappas for his involvement in the further criminalisation of homelessness in Peterborough.
Bury Your Gays! Pride Month at Trent Winds to a Close
A satirical analysis of Pride Month at Trent University by the intrepid Evan Robins.
What We Do In The Shadowban
Joyless communist columnist Evan Robins explores the modern internet phenomenon of Shadowbanning and considers the implications of platform censorship for independent journalism. Along the way she talks to some fellow journalists, reads a book by Noam Chomsky, and runs into a familiar face from @Autogyniphiles_Anonymous…
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2022-01-17 | Hinter Wonderland
Sundae worship?
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January 17, 2022
2021-06-18 | One's Own Devices
Like some contracts and contraceptives
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June 16, 2021