Nicky Taylor

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Producer

Nicky Taylor is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Volume 55 of Arthur Newspaper. They first fell in love with Arthur as a naïve second year student working as a Staff Writer and have spent the interceding years learning everything they can about student journalism and the Nogojiwanong-Peterborough community. Now that they’ve received their degree (a BAH in International Development and Philosophy with a specialization in Ethics), they can devote all of their time to learning defamation law through trial and error. Their journalistic interests include politics at every level, student affairs, gentrification & urbanism, media criticism, and arts & culture. In 2021, they published their debut poetry collection 'Foul Mouth,' with bird, buried press. In February 2022, they were named Student Journalist of the Year, at the Canadian University Press' annual John H. MacDonald Awards for excellence in student journalism.

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ReFrame: An Antidote to Nihilism
In this essay, Nick Taylor reviews four films from this year's ReFrame line-up: Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy, Writing With Fire, The Cost of Freedom, and The Viewing Booth. Weaving these disparate narratives together, Taylor meditates on the art of story-telling, ultimately identifying it as an antidote to nihilism.
Editorial: Time Moves in Maybe More Than Two Directions
In this editorial, Nick Taylor weaves together the rich history of student activism at Trent with reflections on time, organizing, and intergenerational struggle. Ultimately, they remind us that students are capable of much when they work collectively.
Levy Groups Face Cuts to Funding for Student Jobs
In this article, Nick Taylor investigates changes made to the Trent Work Study Program (TWSP) that resulted in many levy groups receiving far less funding than usual. Jill Staveley from Trent Radio, and Matt Jarvis from Sadleir House explain why this funding matters, and how it affects the levy community and the culture at Trent.
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