Robert, a strong proponent of local, independent media, is the Internal Affairs Commissioner for the Arthur Board of Directors who focuses his articles on environmental issues. Also the host of Environmental Soup through Trent Radio, he explores environmental and social issues in the Peterborough-Nogojiwanong community with a passion on protecting wetlands.

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Municipal Parks and COVID-19
In his second article on the importance of city parks and COVID-19, Robert Gibson dives into the stats that relate COVID-19 incidence to availability of city parks. While there isn’t a direct link between these two factors, Gibson argues that biodiversity is linked to the incidence of pandemic and that parks have many health benefits for urban populations.
The Environment is Under Attack
Robert Gibson outlines the challenges faced by the public in recognizing issues of environmental concern in Ontario. Minister’s Zoning Orders (MZOs) in particular, he says, threaten the public’s ability to challenge new developments put forward by the province and municipalities. Additionally, Bill 245, he calls “a clear bombardment of environmental rights” as it weakens citizens’ right to appeal environmental decisions.
A Case for Parks in a Pandemic
Robert Gibson explores the role of biodiversity loss on the instance of zoonotic pandemics, as well as the role that Peterborough can play in preventing this. Between the proposed developments around town to park spaces already lost to new builds, Peterborough has a way to go to imporving the park space available to the public, especially in a time like this.
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