Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay is the current Editor-in-Chief of Arthur and previously served as Coordinating Editor of Arthur's Volume 57. He is passionate about local arts and culture in Peterborough, as well as politics at all levels, including university governance. Sebastian is delighted to have the unique opportunity to help tell the stories of Peterborough and Trent University and share them with the community.

As a freelance writer, his writing has appeared in KawarthaNOW and he is a semi-regular contributor to the music website DOMINIONATED. Outside of print, Sebastian has previously written and produced a weekly radio show on Trent Radio called Great Canadian Covers and is the current co-host of NOISEHOLE on Trent Radio alongside fellow Arthurian, David King. He currently serves on the station's Board of Directors.

Outside of work, he can be found wandering the trails of Peterborough, at a local concert, cooking, or tuned in to a Blue Jays game.

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Latest Contributions
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Volume 59 Editorial Platform: We Will Clean the Carpets
Put your vote behind a team who have proven themselves to be polysecure.
Bonnerworth Redevelopment Moving Ahead As Planned, Leal Calls Conflict of Interest Allegations "Most Absurd"
The Bonnerworth redevelopment project is moving forward as planned following a final vote of Council on April 8th. The $4.4M redevelopment which includes 16 pickleball courts, a skatepark expansion, and a pump bike track has been the topic of community unrest and debate at Council since plans for the park were revealed to the public just prior to a March 21st consultation session.
Integrity Commissioner Could Weigh in on Mayor Jeff Leal's Threats
Arthur has learned that at least one complaint has been made to Peterborough’s Integrity Commissioner, Guy Giorno, concerning Mayor Jeff Leal following the City Council general committee meeting on April 2nd during which Leal made threatening remarks toward Town Ward Councillor Alex Bierk.
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