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Climate Crisis and Alarmism

Written by
April 9, 2020
Climate Crisis and Alarmism

The climate crisis is in no way alarmism. When the word “crisis” is used, that means that there is a crisis. And if you are able to put the two words together, “climate” and “crisis,” you should then understand the extent and severity of climate change. And yes, you should be alarmed. The world’s climates are undergoing changes that threaten human civilization as we know it. The greatest cities of the 21st century, and the ability to share knowledge at unforeseen levels with our advanced computers and databases are at risk. The evolutionary milestones of speed, power, and skill in sports’ greatest events showcasing the greatest athletes that we currently know; and the ability to travel in ways never thought of, such as going to the moon, or going around Earth simply for enjoyment. The way the majority of the world’s governments are going, we are heading towards extinction.

This crisis is not about a specific date. This is not some bullshit end of the world prediction like 2012. The climate scientists are only giving estimated timelines of our future in relation to their observations and data. This crisis is about what science is saying. The science of our atmosphere, of our bodies of water, of the air we breathe; the land masses currently existing that are already in jeopardy and all the species living on Earth in all ecosystems. Look at Venice with rising sea levels and the flooding of San Marco Square; Australia’s forest fires and hail storms; The Great Barrier Reef’s third mass bleaching in five years; and the Arctic warming faster than anywhere else on the planet. The climate scientists know what they are talking about, based on actual science. They can foresee very serious consequences with the worlds’ climates due to the rise in the global average temperature. Watch Six Degrees Could Change the World and An Inconvenient Truth (there are also books of the documentaries).

If you think Greta Thunberg is psychologically disturbed; that there is no problem with those in political power and you cannot see through their bullshit words every day, then so be it. You can think that climate change is nonexistent for some illogical reason, and that writing and speaking the words “climate crisis” is alarmism, but the climate scientists are not lying. The high majority of politicians are lying and are in denial of the climate crisis. It is reality, the global average temperature is rising quickly because of dangerous and destructive greenhouse gas emissions that have been emitted for way too long in our human history.

Arthur News School of Fish
Arthur News School of Fish