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"McGill student vote mob 2011" by Adam Scotti is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Spring Elections at the TCSA

Written by
March 3, 2021

Meet the candidates running in the 2021 Spring Elections at the TCSA. Voting runs March 12th to 18th.

Spring Elections at the TCSA
"McGill student vote mob 2011" by Adam Scotti is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

President Candidate: Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker is running for TCSA President.

My name is Wendy Walker, and I'm a fifth-year English and History student. I have served for almost three years on Traill College Cabinet, 2 of those being Co-President. I have been a member of the TCSA’s Board of Directors for the last three years, representing Traill College and Trent students as a whole. I have been actively involved in Orientation as a leader and later as an Orientation Facilitator. I have also worked in Student Affairs and will be finishing up my term as VP of University and College Affairs this spring. My past five years at Trent have provided me with numerous opportunities to grow as a student and Trent community member. My experience with so many diverse aspects of student life has challenged me, feeding my passion for advocacy and leadership.

Being a student is demanding in its own right, and the pandemic has only increased these challenges. Strong leadership is necessary to help students, and I am dedicated to providing change.

Increased Communication 

The past months have shown that increased communication with the university and students is essential. Students need to be provided with precise and up-to-date information that is relevant. I plan to work with the university administration to streamline these efforts and provide students with clear and consistent communication. 

Campus Accessibility 

Symons campus is a restrictive maze for those trying to navigate accessible routes. Working with the Office for Human Rights and Accessibility, I plan to have signage around campus directing community members to accessible routes while advocating for universal design across campus. 


Peterborough is facing a housing crisis with rent prices skyrocketing and living standards decreasing. I plan to work with housing support to provide students with resources and information on their rights as tenants and landlords’ responsibilities. Students shouldn’t be viewed as an easy target to be taken advantage of. 

My years of experience have allowed me to connect with students from various backgrounds and understand what is important to them. With my vast experience and extensive knowledge of Trent’s governing systems, I hope to apply these skills to advocate for students. The Trent community deserves a student union that supports students and creates a campus accessible to all. I am grateful to be a part of the Trent community and passionate about helping my fellow students. My background and dedication make me the perfect fit for President of the TCSA, and I hope you allow me to prove myself to you, the students.

VP Campaigns & Equity Candidate: Morgan Carl

Morgan Carl is running for VP Campaigns and Equity.

Hello there! My name is Morgan Carl, I’m a third year political-economy student running for VP Campaigns and Equity!

I’m running because the status quo in our community doesn’t work for a whole lot of people. Too many people are struggling. Too many people are leading precarious lives, and the last year has magnified the problems we’re facing. But I’m also running because I see potential in our community. COVID may have isolated us from one another, but we have so much influence when we stand up together and push for change on issues that matter to us.

I’m an experienced organizer, working on a number of issues across Peterborough in the last few years. My plans/some of my experience are listed below – I hope to earn your support!


Co-Organiser – Income Security Peterborough (2018–Present)

  • ‘Defend Social Assistance’ (2018–19)
  • ‘Homes 4 All’ (2019–20)
  • ‘Expand Social Services’ (2020–present)

Program Assistant – Housing Resource Center (2020)

Co-Organiser – Global Climate Strike Peterborough

First Year Off-Campus Commissioner – TCSA

Organizing and Promotion:
  • Promote awareness of the TCSA and its programs across Trent/Peterborough
  • Make it easier to find support by creating a database of TCSA/community supports available in the city, and promoting them across social media
  • Support student rights to safe, appropriate housing by organising regular ‘tenant rights’ workshops, and conducting surveys of student housing needs
  • Increase awareness of legal and community supports to fight against housing discrimination
  • Create a joint-committee between the TCSA and local housing advocacy/service groups to identify/advocate for improvements to student housing
  • Work with The City of Peterborough, and the University to further student and affordable housing projects
  • Address housing/food security issues with an income-based approach, supporting campaigns for increased wages and other policies to help increase food and housing access
Health and Food Security:
  • Keep students safe at work by providing workshops and resources on workers rights
  • Fund harm reduction/overdose prevention training, and provide harm reduction tools for buildings across campus
  • Identify food security needs with regular surveys and ongoing consultation
  • Reduce barriers to food security by providing low-cost food-prep workshops, and promoting local supports
Sustainability and Climate Action:
  • Create a joint-committee with Trent/Peterborough climate actions groups, to bridge communication gaps and promote local sustainability
  • Develop a strategy for waste prevention/reduction at future TCSA events
  • Push Trent to acknowledge our state of climate emergency, and make a declaration of their priorities in response to the problem
Community Partnership:
  • Work with faculty and SAS Office to improve accessibility of learning
  • Strengthen ties with the labour movement by joining Peterborough District Labour Council as an associate organization
  • Solidarity across education by working with teachers and faculty unions to hold government accountable
  • Mobilize support by working with allies outside of traditional activist networks – e.g. academia, communities of faith, service groups, and the arts

VP Campaigns & Equity Candidate: Zoe Litow-Daye

Zoe Litow-Daye is running for VP Campaigns and Equity.

Hello Trent students! My name is Zoe Litow-Daye and I am running in the Spring 2021 Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Elections pursuing the role of Vice President Campaigns and Equity. I am currently in my fourth year completing a joint major in Sociology and Gender Studies. I am exceptionally passionate about reproductive justice, disability justice, student rights, 2SLGBTQIA+ advocacy, Indigenous sovereignty, and grassroots organizing. 

I am confident that I have the skills to represent concerns from students about social justice issues within our campus and the community considering my experiences throughout post-secondary. When starting my post-secondary education I had the opportunity to engage in student politics and activism on a larger scale than my hometown and high school allowed for. Some of these opportunities have included volunteering for the International Women's Day March, advocating for accessible reproductive education with the John Cooper Learning Centre, advocating for student accessibility and actively participating in various student movements on campus. Moreover, I assisted in planning the March 2020 Student Walkout for Wet'suwet'en' in partnership with TUNA, TCSA, and Indigenous community members. 

When transferring to Trent in 2018 I founded Trent World Action Council (TWAC). Since its founding, I have been a co-president and worked with a team of executive members to execute on-campus events in support of various charities and organizations. For each event, we worked with and fundraised for local and provincial organizations that are making an impact in our communities. 

Moreover, over the past two years, I have worked at the TCSA part-time as a Brand Ambassador and a Board Secretary. My employment has not only allowed me to form relationships within the association but understand the importance of developing a strong relationship between the association and its membership. This is something I will uphold if elected. Furthermore, for two years I have been an Off-Campus Orientation Week Leader for Champlain College. This experience has allowed me to advocate for better off-campus student supports, in addition to sharpening my leadership and collaboration skills. My participation within the campus has given me a deep sense of responsibility to the student body. 

The TCSA needs a student voice who is dedicated to social issues that students care about. If elected I will work towards:

  • Working with BIPOC student groups to ensure continual access to BIPOC centred spaces and supports.
  • Enhance the Grocery Assistance Program and develop alternative strategies to combat student food insecurity.
  • Work towards campus-wide menstrual hygiene access for all students, regardless of gender identity.
  • Collaborate with the Disabled Trent community to ensure accessibility across campus.

My top priority is making sure the student voice is the loudest on campus. I will walk the line between fearless advocacy and diplomacy to make sure everyone's voice is heard. I promise to always bring dedication and passion to what I do. Remember to vote 'Zoe Litow-Daye' for VP Campaigns & Equity this election season.

IG: Zoeelisabethh


VP University & College Affairs Candidate: Alexia Kambanis

Alexia Kambanis is running for VP University and College Affairs.

My name is Alexia Kambanis, I am a fourth-year forensic science student, and I am running for the position of Vice President University & College Affairs for the 2021-2022 school year.

We are over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and academics are still as important as ever, but many students feel left behind by the move to online delivery. If I am elected, I will work to ensure that SAS provides sufficient accommodations to the students that need them. Changes I hope to implement include, but are not limited to:

  • better captioning/transcription
  • ensuring that recordings of live seminars are always available
  • opportunities to provide course feedback more frequently than once-a-semester course evaluations

I will voice any concerns or ideas you have about how the academic experience can be improved going forward. Students with disabilities should not have to fight to maintain their grades because of the inadequacies of remote learning. After a full school year in lockdown we all deserve better, and I am determined to make changes happen.

As a writer for Arthur Newspaper and a staff member and volunteer at Trent Radio, I know personally how vibrant university life is thanks to Trent’s clubs and groups. They enrich the community, they feed us, they keep us informed, they provide job opportunities, and they are a valuable part of the Trent experience. The COVID-19 pandemic can make us feel apathetic and detached from our community, but many clubs & groups are still running and have been providing many (COVID-safe) events and opportunities throughout the past year. If I am elected, I will support clubs and groups with outreach and student engagement in any way that I can.

Finally, the TCSA is a student union and it would not function without its members — that is, you, the students. I value the student voice — if i am elected, my door will always be open for you to voice any concerns you may have about academics, residence, clubs, anything. I will advocate for you in any way I can, because I want more students to be invested in their student union! Together we can make your time at Trent University the best it can be.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions:

VP Student Health and Wellness Candidate: Brook Bartlett

Brook Bartlett is running for VP Student Health and Wellness.

My name is Brook Bartlett and I am a second-year sociology student running to be your next Vice President of Student Health and Wellness. As an individual who has dealt with my fair share of stress and pressure, I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by academics, commitments, and the current pandemic. If elected, I strive to make student access to health resources as easy and uncomplicated as possible. As a representative, I will fight for the following issues that affect student health:

1. Aim for further funding towards student supports. By receiving more funding, we can create a better network of student supports to help students navigate the tricky and often stressful parts of university. 

2. Create a mental health matters community. I believe it is important to not only have a support system of professionals, but to also create a safe space for students to talk amongst one another and create long-lasting friendships. As someone who has dealt with mental-health hardships, I understand that talking to peers who have faced similar struggles is beneficial in creating a strong social network. If elected, I will organize events for students to attend where the conversation of mental health is prioritized and respected.  

3. Self-help Seminars: As a student, I understand the importance of prioritizing your mental and physical health over one’s social life and academic commitments. This is often difficult for many, and even when help is sought out, one can fall back into unhealthy patterns. In aim to prevent this, if elected I would like to organize seminars and workshops that teach individuals how to care for their own health. Some topics I would like to discuss in said seminars are toxic relationships, burnout, healthy coping mechanisms for stress, understanding the impact of social media, and many more.   

4. Physical Health Excursions: As a fairly active individual, I understand the importance of physical health and how it can benefit one’s mental health. However, I also understand that fitting exercise into your busy schedule can be quite difficult. If elected, I would like to form physical health activity groups that encourage healthy activity without the feeling of being judged. These events will welcome those of any fitness level and include wellness walks, yoga and meditation sessions, and a gym buddy system. Additionally, I would like to arrange for a session where the gym equipment is explained and available to those who may be too shy to try it due to fear of being judged. 

The previous are just some of the changes I would like to make to the current Student health and wellness setup. If elected, I cannot wait to create a safe and health environment where students can prioritize and learn more about their personal needs and health. If you would like to know more or have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.


Platform: Brook_bartlett

VP Student Health and Wellness Candidate: Carter Tongs

Carter Tongs is running for VP Student Health and Wellness.

My name is Carter Tongs and I am a fourth year student taking a joint degree in biology and sociology. I am running to be your next Vice President of Student Health and Wellness. I am running for this position in order to advocate for student health services on campus. As someone who has accessed and used some of these services, I have experienced the frustration many students feel regarding the university health services. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many students have been facing increasing mental health struggles which must be addressed. I will use my experience from participating in Champlain College Cabinet for the last three years to advocate for the interests of the undergraduate and teacher’s college students of Trent. I want to represent the students of Trent and advocate for their physical, mental, and sexual health. Specifically I would like to:

1. Advocate for increased mental health services for students

On campus services for mental health are lacking. Students currently have to wait three to four weeks to receive an appointment. While Trent has hired a single session counsellor until the end of the 2021 Winter semester, ongoing appointments are very hard to obtain. I would like to advocate for increased mental health services and employment of  a counsellor who specializes in queer issues for students who identify as LGBTQ+. 

2. Advocate for sexual health information and consent training

Students in Ontario often have high levels of understanding regarding the biological aspects of sexual health but lack knowledge regarding consent and sexual relationships. Students at Trent are required to attend Consent at Trent during their orientation, however this presentation does not give students practical tools to deal with situations of sexual assault. Furthermore, there is little information on queer sexual relationships. I want to advocate for the inclusion of this information in the sexual health information provided by Trent. 

3. Healthy Eating Initiative

Throughout my time at Trent there has been little emphasis on healthy eating practices. Healthy eating can be affordable and accessible if students have the information available. I would like to advocate for an initiative for off campus students to have access to this information. Furthermore, I would like to advocate for on campus food options that are healthy and affordable for students. Currently there are few options for healthy meal choices especially for vegetarian and vegan students. I want to advocate to increase the options for students to have healthy and affordable meals on campus and off. 

I am very passionate about helping students and I hope that you will consider voting for me to be the next VP Student Health and Wellness for the TCSA. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by email at

VP Student Health and Wellness Candidate: Teika Viducis

Teika Viducis is running for VP Students Health and Wellness.

Hello, my name is Teika Viducis, and I am running to be your VP Health and Wellness!

I know what it is to struggle with your health on campus and what it is to look for resources that seem like they aren’t there.  I would, should you elect me, introduce new fortnightly wellness programming and increase the amount of publicity for existing health programming. These could include mindfulness and meditation, Standard First Aid/Mental Health First Aid, and any other programming YOU want.

I was the Disabled Students commissioner for 2019/20, the 2018/19’s Gender Issues Commissioner, and I have a decade of anti-oppression work at the intersections of Health and Queerness in theological, educational, and community-based contexts. My existing activism have included community-based harm reduction work regarding the spread of STBBIs (primarily HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C) in queer and drug using communities, and access to reproductive care in young adults.

My perspective on Health and Wellness is shaped by a lifetime of disability and my harm reduction activism. Health is therefore in my opinion best promoted by two pillars: a focus on harm reduction, and the recognition that people know what they need. Letting our communities express what they need and converting those needs into workable solutions is my goal. 

As both a Maths and Anthropology major, I understand issues on two planes: the first being data analysis and the second being a holistic community-based approach.  All of my actions as VP Health and Wellness would balance the big data of our community’s needs and the distinct issues of motivated individuals.

Mature and Transfer Student Commissioner Candidate: Stephanie "Teisha" Smith

Teshia Smith is running for Mature and Transfer Student Commissioner.

My name is Stephanie “Teshia” Smith! I am a 27 year old Mother of 3, employee, volunteer and mature student! I am running for the Mature and Transfer Student Commissioner position.

I began my journey at Trent University with a burning desire to study psychology. I have since switched to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and look forward to pursuing a career as a Doctor in later years. Coming straight out of highschool I had NO idea what I wanted to do with my life and decided Post-Secondary just wasn’t for me at the time. I am so glad I waited, even at 27 I’m not totally positive where I see my life heading. But as a mature student, myself, in the same situation as many of my peers I feel I would be an excellent representative and voice. I bring a special set of skills to the table with a background in marketing and event coordinating. 

This coming year I will advocate for more Mature and Transfer Student supports and inclusions, on and off campus. I would love to see more events that are tailored to and more accessible for Mature Students, especially those who have young children and an obligation to an employer. Clubs/groups for mature students would be an excellent way to bring us all together. My goal is to spend the next year breaking the divide between Youthful and Mature Students. 

Being a mature student is tough! For many of us there are so many extra responsibilities involved. The COVID-19 pandemic has also greatly impacted Mature and Transfer Students, making employment and housing more difficult to secure and maintain. Making housing and employment easier for these students and their families would support the growing population at Trent, and a more inviting environment and experience for Mature and Transfer students looking to attend University. Such support and possible resources would help Mature and Transfer Students attend classes and have their family with them. Child care is another huge issue for many Mature students, I look forward to addressing this during my advocacy. It’s time to knock down these barriers for Mature and Transfer students. 

Support my campaign and help me break the divide! 

If you have any questions about my campaign or views or just want to say hi, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!! 🤙

Facebook: Teshia Burley

Instagram: Teshiasmith94


Queer Students Commissioner Candidate: Stevie Lanigan

Stevie is running for Queer Students Commissioner.

My name is Stevie Lanigan (They/Them), I am a first-year dual major in  psychology and gender studies. After reflecting on my strengths and skills, I have decided to run to be your next Queer Students Commissioner. As an openly queer and non-binary person, I know what it is like living in a world that rarely acknowledges or represents you. I cannot change the world but I can fight to change the experiences for LGBTQ+ students here on campus. As an institution, Trent has made some good strides towards being inclusive but I feel more can be done. If elected for the position of queer students commissioner, I would fight to ensure that students, no matter their identity, are acknowledged and represented. My primary focus would be on holding the administration accountable for maintaining a safe and inclusive institution. The university makes student wellness a priority however there is limited access to gender-neutral washrooms and change rooms on campus. Education is stressful at times but transgender, gender fluid, and non-binary students shouldn’t be further stressed by the lack of access to bathrooms where they feel safe and comfortable. If elected I would place greater pressure on the university to further develop better accommodations and access to gender-neutral bathrooms and change rooms on campus.There is such a beautifully diverse LGBTQ+ culture here on campus yet the majority of it goes unseen. This culture is made up of so many different LGBTQ+ bodies that join together to create student groups and events. If elected, I would work to create more diverse advertising and marketing to show the rich culture here on campus. Incoming and possible students should be made aware of the inclusive spaces that Trent has to offer.  If elected I would work closely with students and student groups to create the environment we deserve. Furthermore, I will take ensure that all questions and concerns involving LGBTQ+ issues are brought to the right people in order to address them. 

Thank you for your time and consideration for my campaign to be your next Queer Student Commissioner

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at

Environment and Sustainability Commissioner Candidate: Jocelyn Whalen

Jocelyn Whalen is running for Environment & Sustainability Commissioner.

Hi! My name is Jocelyn Whalen (she/her) and I am running for the position of Environment & Sustainability Commissioner with the Trent Central Student Association. (TCSA) My learning journey at Trent University began when I entered the Undergraduate Studies program in Environmental & Resource Science and Studies. During my Undergraduate studies, I worked with Peter Gzowski College as the Sustainability – College Community Liaison Coordinator, and with the Centre for Academic Testing. After I graduated from Trent, I travelled the country working in sustainable agriculture, communications and outreach, food security and environmental education. 

Throughout my current term as the Environment & Sustainability Commissioner with the TCSA, I created and distributed the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Survey with the support of other members and staff with the TCSA, and student levy groups. In collaboration with the Trent Graduate Student Association (TGSA), we submitted a letter to request an extension of the commentary period for the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan. I submitted a report to the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan committee which included the data collected from the survey called the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Report. I presented this report to the Board of Governors at their February meeting. 

I helped write the Environment & Sustainability and the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan policy resolutions for the TCSA Policy Book.  

I represented the TCSA through positions with the Environmental Advisory Board (EAB), the Nature Areas Stewardship Committee (NASC), and the Food Service Advisory Committee’s Sustainability and Fair-Trade Working Group. 

I have helped to re-write the EAB’s Environment & Sustainability Policy and have made recommendations for more diversity and inclusion on the EAB.  

I have connected frequently with Sustainable Trent and OPIRG Peterborough. 

I had the opportunity to meet with Maryam Monsef and discuss the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan and the environment & sustainability at Trent. 

As the re-elected Environment & Sustainability Commissioner I want to continue to foster and strengthen relationships with groups and organizations, and people of interest, in environment & sustainability on campus and in the greater community. I would like to collaborate on online or socially distanced events with other groups and organizations on campus and in the Peterborough community. I want to continue the conversation around the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan and advocate for student’s voices and opinions.

The “Trent University Presidential Mandate: 2019-2024” focuses on Sustainability, Stewardship and Innovation, with the five priorities being academic, cultural, environmental, operational (finance and management) and reputational. I want to emphasize this mandate and work with student groups and representatives to re-write the TCSA’s Environment & Sustainability policy and present this to the Board of Governors. 

I would like to work with the Federal Government’s ban on single-use plastic products once the COVID-19 regulations have been loosened or released. 

Women's Student Commissioner Candidate: Chanel Bowen

Chanel Bowen is running for Women's Student Commissioner.

My name is Chanel Bowen, and I am running for the Women’s Student Commissioner position. 

I acted as Ethical Standards Commissioner since October 2020, and have found the experience to be eye-opening, engaging, and fulfilling. I would like to continue serving and working for the Trent student body, this time in a different capacity. 

I am currently in my second year - moving into my third year - of pursuing a Joint-Major in International Development Studies and Sociology, with Minors in Gender & Social Justice Studies and Philosophy, and options in Creative Writing and Legal Studies. I aim to continue my studies in International Human Rights and Feminist law and activism. Both what I have already learnt in and outside of the classroom and the fields I plan to continue in are prime for preparing me and motivating me to the role of Women’s Student Commissioner. 

I have lived in four countries - South Africa, England, Qatar, and Canada. Discussions on what issues women-identifying students face on campus and what campaigns and conversations women-identifying students want to see from Trent and the TCSA will undoubtedly benefit when we hold conversations from all angles and involve all students, International, domestic, immigrant, and Indigenous. I can bring a global mindset and an open worldview, and unwavering enthusiasm about diversity and representation to the table at the TCSA, both in my role as Women’s Student Commissioner and the union at large.

As the Women’s Student Commissioner, I will strive to implement an intersectional feminist framework to the policies the TCSA pursues. I will aim to create open communication between women-identifying students and the union, and make sure students don’t feel held back in their undergraduate studies due to their gender - and when they do, making sure we have the tools to have their back. I will work closely with the Gender Issues, Racialized Students, and Queer Students Commissioners, to ensure our pursuits are intersectional, and that all women-identifying students feel heard, but also students of all genders. I will be open and transparent in my goals and responsibilities, and to the trends and concerns expressed by the Trent student body.

I am enthusiastic and excited about this role. Both the Trent and Peterborough-Nogojiwanong are incredible places, and I want the women-identifying students to feel not only safe, and heard, but free to reach their full potential.

Women's Student Commissioner Candidate: Larissa Rizzo

Larissa Rizzo is running for Women's Student Commissioner.

Hello, I am Larissa Rizzo, a third year student in the Bachelor of Social work Program. It is with pleasure that I am running for the position of Women's student Commissioner for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

I am currently the third year student representative for the Social Work department. This position had provided experience identifying student body needs, advocating on their behalf and taking initiative on program issues. This position has also allowed me to develop effective facilitation and communication skills. I believe my experience in IMPACT, a leadership position at Trent and my educational background will make me an ideal candidate for this position, especially my commitment to social justice and my strong passion for women's rights. 

My number one priority is voicing issues brought to my attention by fellow Trent University Students on matters regarding women issues. I will then use this knowledge to advocate to the Board of Directors and the Centre for Gender and Social Justice and other women's groups on campus. In addition I will use campus media to spread awareness on critical women's issues, problematizing events and spark insightful thinking and actions of students. 

Within my role as the women's commissioner I promise to prioritize the following.

Firstly to Advocate for intersectional women's issues: I will take into special consideration issues of women who are Black, Indigenous, disabled, and/or a part of the LGBTQ2+ community.

Secondly, to promote resources and support for sexual violence survivors. I will make clear the issues of sexual violence against those who identify as female on campus and regularly promote supports. In addition, I will also advocate for better services. I also plan to support gender equality on campus, specifically regarding education, leadership, and experience in the workforce. Lastly keeping these issues in mind with the current COVID-19  pandemic and how this may affect the student body. 

I am grateful for your consideration for my campaign to be the Woman's Student Commissioner. Your vote for me guarantees commitment to give voice to those who are not being listened to!

If you would like to get in touch, please reach out to me:


Facebook: Larissa Rizzo

Instagram: @_larissa_rizzo

Part-Time Students Commissioner Candidate: Meghan Darwin

Meghan Darwin is running for Part Time Students Commissioner.


Many of you won’t know me or recognize me, that’s because I am a part time student, slowly but steadily poking away at my BBA.  

I started at Trent in 2017 as a mature transfer student, taking one to two classes a semester (it’s all my schedule can accommodate!).  I work full time and am a mom to a super cool, Minecraft obsessed 6-year-old.  

What I have struggled with the most at Trent as a part time student, is feeling like I am part of the school. I’m not shy and meeting new people is one of my favourite things to do, but I have found it difficult to meet new people as a part time student. 

This pandemic has been a struggle for all of us.  As a part time student, I chose Trent specifically because I could attend classes in person. I wanted to feel like I was a part of a University. 

Now that I am not meeting people in class, I find being a part of the University even harder, especially when everyone keeps their camera off in remote classes!  On top of that, all of the people I met in 2017 when I started, have already graduated! 

The rough life of a part time student…

I thought the best way to be a part of the University and to meet like-minded students, would be for me to run for the part time student commissioner for the TCSA.  I want to be the voice of the part-time student at Trent University.  

Why would I be good at this role?  

I have years of business experience and work in my chosen career. I am very well respected by my peers and colleagues and excel at balancing multiple roles. I am a business relationship manager for a large, shared service organization that services all of the hospitals in the GTA and surrounding areas, as well as run the supply chain department at the hospital. 

I am the voice of the customer, ensuring that their needs are met, and their voice is heard.  I can’t think of a better fit for my skills within the Student Union to be the voice for all part-time students and would love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with the rest of the Board of Directors. 

Thanks for hearing me out and considering me for your part-time student commissioner. Feel free to connect with me on either of my school/work platforms, I love networking and meeting new people. Please reach out! 


LinkedIn: Meghan Darwin 


Students with Disabilities Commissioner Candidate: Alyssa Saunders

Alyssa Saunders is running for Students with Disabilities Commissioner.

Hi everyone, my name is Alyssa Saunders (she/her), and I am running for Students with Disabilities Commissioner for 2021. I have sat on the sidelines for a while as students with disabilities have struggled with achieving their best possible grades due to a lack of accessibility and direction. I couldn't sit by and watch it happen anymore, so I decided to start looking into ways to help.

I am currently in my third year studying English Literature, as my service dog Artemis accompanies me to my classes. This year especially, things have been difficult for everyone, but this year has especially been more challenging (and more accessible in some ways) for students with disabilities. For me, having everything online has been helpful for when my disabilities would have prevented me from attending class in person.

I am grateful to be running for this position as I can hopefully enlighten other students on the struggles of those with disabilities and push for a more accessible way to approach your schooling. Your experience should be a great one here at Trent, and my goal is to help make it that way!

Should I be elected as Students with Disabilities Commissioner, I will strive to work towards the destigmatization of disabilities, both physical and mental, visible and invisible, making your Trent experience an accessible and accommodating one.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) does excellent work. I would love to work with them to see what can be improved for students with disabilities to make their experience at Trent better and more accessible. I am eager to potentially work with Student Accessibility Services to see that students who require accommodations are being given the opportunity to do the best they can.

Many students' mental health has been dramatically affected because of the pandemic. I would love to continue the work that Trent has put forward to help give students outlets and resources to help with mental health. I will strive to make sure everyone gets what they deserve as a Trent experience!

Ideally, I would love to plan lots of fun things for students to get involved given in person ability such as:

  • Work with SAS to plan workshops to help first-year students learn what is available to them for accommodations and show them what SAS can do for them.
  • I would love to see the accommodations that were brought forth because of COVID-19 be carried over into the school years after the pandemic (i.e. multiple ways to read the readings, the option of attending virtually when a student can't physically attend the class etc.).
  • I would also love to shed some light on Service Dogs on campus and teach people what they are and how big a job they hold.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and if you have any questions, please reach out to me on Instagram @alyssa.saunders37 or by email at!

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The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

"Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system."
  • adfasdfa
  • asdfasdfasd
  • asfdasdf
  • asdfasdf

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Heading 3

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Heading 5
Caption text

What’s a Rich Text element?

The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

Static and dynamic content editing

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

How to customize formatting for each rich text

"Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system."
  • adfasdfa
  • asdfasdfasd
  • asfdasdf
  • asdfasdf