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A promotional image for the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Spring Elections 2020-2021 campaign. Image courtesy of the TCSA.

Trent Central Student Association Spring 2020 Elections

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March 9, 2020
Trent Central Student Association Spring 2020 Elections
A promotional image for the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Spring Elections 2020-2021 campaign. Image courtesy of the TCSA.

Candidates for TCSA President

Ann-Majella McKelvie. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Ann-Majella McKelvie.

Ann-Majella McKelvie

Hello everyone! I am very excited to be running for a second term as your TCSA President. The last year has been a whirlwind of learning, growing, and working to bring change for students, and I want to continue to bring for a second term. This work is something that is so important to me, and there is nothing I value more than providing the best support and experience for students. In a role as large as this, it is very difficult to bring the change that students need in one year, and I hope that you allow me to continue this important work.

This past year, I have been focused on improving the services that the TCSA administers. One thing that has been recognized is the lack of knowledge by students on the services we run, especially when it comes to International students. This semester, I have been working closely with StudentVIP and TISA to develop a communications strategy for International students when it comes to the benefits plan. This strategy involves heavy student consultation that includes surveys, a focus group, and a two-day communications audit. In my second term, I want to continue working on this initiative, develop a plan, and roll it out for September 2020. With this specific strategy, I hope to turn it into an Association-wide communications strategy.

In addition to communications, I have recognized the value students receive when the Board of Directors and the Executive team are doing work on the ground. One of the barriers to this kind of work is some of the heavy administrative tasks that are on the executive, especially with some of the vice-president roles. This year, the TCSA collaboratively developed the Community Coordinator, which turns a heavy administrative role into a staff position. These changes have narrowed the focus of the executive to be about the membership. One of my goals for next year is to bring this focus on the board of directors that continues to provide positive experiences and student advocacy.

The most important relationship to me is the relationship with the students. I want to continue to listen. I want to continue to build these relationships. And I want to continue to provide the best experiences for students here at Trent University. If you have any questions about my platform or would like to chat, feel free to send me an email at Thank you.

Christopher Mills. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Christopher Mills.

Christopher Mills

My goal in running for President of the TCSA is to help students find employment. This is something in all the student's minds. I would like to set up an advanced mock interview program where students can be interviewed by businesspeople and hiring managers from the community. In this way, students can get real-world feedback about interviewing and resume, and advice on where jobs will be located. Most people are concerned about how much trouble students are having in finding employment and I would like to help address this issue.

I also feel strongly about improving mental health at Trent University as many students such as myself either go through or have gone through very difficult periods. I want to help students get involved in their volunteer placements, expanding social networks, and finding more purpose. I will engage with student affairs to create more relevant support for substance abuse, loneliness, depression, anxiety, etc.

I commit to donating 25% of my paycheck to donate to what students tell me is most important. Every 2 weeks, I will ask people to vote through social media on what organization or initiative to donate money to. If they just want a giant pizza party to expand their social networks, that is fine.

Candidates for Vice President Campaigns & Equity

Federico Chaux. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Federico Chaux.

Federico Chaux

My name is Federico Chaux. I’m second year in Economics here at Trent. I’m from Colombia and grew up in Guelph. I’m a rower, DJ and I speak French and Spanish fluently. As a VP of Campaign and Equity for the TCSA, these past two years at Trent have been both academically and socially enriching. When I first stepped foot during move in day, I immediately began to create a community around me, not only in residence but also with groups and clubs on campus.

HOLA, the Hispanic Organization for Latino awareness, made me feel extremely welcome by serving as a platform to network, attend and organize events and create intersectional bonds between student life and my culture. This also came with the greater umbrella of the TISA. These two groups have created for me a multicultural community. Unfortunately, from what I’ve experienced, there is a lack of bridging between the experience for a domestic student and that of an international student. This is I will be addressing, working with both domestic and international students.

A large issue I’ve noticed on campus is food security. Under my portfolio I am responsible for the grocery assistance program. I intend to work as much as possible on keeping this program something accessible but to take it a step further. Food on campus is inaccessible and of low quality. Trent’s campus being a food desert has led for the food services on campus to have full monopoly on the prices and quality of food. I am a strong believer that food is not something which should be profited the way it is on the Trent campus and I intend strongly on creating a campaign to change the way we have access to meals on campus.

Finally, Representing Trent at the provincial level with CFS (Local 71) is something I’m extremely eager to do. These past two years we’ve gone through some heavy changes in our university policies which have led to multiple campuses re-evaluating their stance on the student choice initiative with the levy’s as well as those who rely on OSAP for their studies. If elected Having built a social platform for reaching to students, I believe it’s time to tackle these issues as a campus. Ideally to campaign and outreach in order to involve as much as possible students and to keep fighting for our rights as students and as youth!

Morgan Carl. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Morgan Carl.

Morgan Carl


  • Founder and Organiser – Youth Coalition Against Poverty (2017 – 2019)
  • Special Events Coordinator – OPIRG (2018)
  • First-Year Off Campus Commissioner – TCSA (2018 – 2019)
  • Co-organiser – Income Security Peterborough (2018 – Present)
  • ‘Defend Social Assistance’ campaign (2018 – 2019)
  • ‘Homes 4 All’ campaign (2019 – Present)
  • Co-organiser – Global Climate Strike Peterborough (2019)


  • Defending Education
  • Promote awareness of the TCSA and its programs across Trent and the Peterborough area, to foster support for the association, and opposition to future government attacks on education
  • Publicly resist government plans to decrease quality of, or access to education, while actively promoting the benefits of universal post-secondary education to the community
  • Housing
  • Support student rights to safe, appropriate housing, by organising regular ‘tenant legal rights’ workshops, and conducting surveys of student housing needs
  • Increase awareness of legal and community supports to fight against housing discrimination
  • Work with The City of Peterborough, and the University to further student and affordable housing projects
  • Address housing and food security issues with an income-based approach, supporting campaigns for increased wages, and other financial supports to help increase access to food and housing
  • Food Security
  • Identify food security needs with regular surveys and ongoing consultation
  • Reduce barriers to food security by providing low-cost food-prep workshops, and promoting access to/awareness of community, and TCSA supports (e.g. Grocery Assistance Program)
  • Sustainability and Climate Action
  • Create a joint committee between Trent and Peterborough climate action groups, to bridge communication gaps; to promote local sustainability; and consolidate support for green action, while opposing government inaction on climate issues
  • Commit to a green TCSA, and working with student groups to reduce waste at their events
  • Push Trent to acknowledge our state of climate emergency, and make a declaration of their priorities in response to the problem
  • Stronger Community Engagement
  • Revitalise activism through workshops and community dialogues, looking at how to incorporate new talent, strategies, and expertise into advocacy work/campaigns
  • Mobilize support by working with allies outside of traditional activist networks – e.g. academia, communities of faith, service groups, and the arts
Sean Mestieri. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Sean Mestieri.

Sean Mestieri

To be equitable is to be fair, and to be fair is to have the many needs of others accounted for and listened to. When I think of equity from a governance point of view, I see it as a chance to give those who would otherwise not speak their mind(s), the opportunity to do so. My name is Sean Mestieri, and I am running to be your Vice President of Campaigns and Equity within the TCSA for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Sitting on the TCSA’s board of directors this past academic year and working directly with the current Vice President of Campaigns and Equity, I had the amazing opportunity to learn what equity truly meant to not only myself but also to the students of Trent University. With those experiences in my toolbox, I thought to myself “what can I do to continue the development of student equity within this campus?”. The answer immediately presented itself to me, coming to the realization that my work with the TCSA was not yet finished, but rather evolving into something even greater. I would want to use my final year at Trent to create an atmosphere of acceptance and unity within on-campus groups, inter-collegiate communication(s) and off-campus networking hubs, as that is the most equitable thing to do.

As your vice president of campaigns and equity, I will try my hardest to ensure that the next year of the TCSA is one for the books. Operating in fairness is something that a successful V.P Campaigns and Equity should strive for, so I promise that will be exactly what I will do. By listening to feedback from various groups of individuals on campus, I will use that as a stepping stool to create a transparency of my work so that students and staff alike will see that my effort and hard work is 100% geared towards the success of my fellow students. From my limited experience of only one year with the association, I have learned that working together as a single unit, rather than separate components simply working together because they have to, creates an environment where everyone is seen as an equal, and as a partner.

Together we can create an ecosystem of equity, and I would love your support in that. With my campaign slogan this year being #YouAreWeAre, it recognizes that my accomplishments will be because of you, the students, as it takes all of us to equitable with each other. Together we can work hand in hand, together WE are equity.

Candidates for Vice President Student Health & Wellness

Allan Fabrykant. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Allan Fabrykant.

Allan Fabrykant

Hi everyone, my name is Allan Fabrykant, and I’m running to be your VP of Student Health and Wellness for the 2020/2021 Academic year! Going into my fourth year at Trent and having experienced so much here and I want to graduate feeling as though I have made a positive difference during my time here. Throughout my time at Trent, I have revitalized the Politics club, volunteered at open houses, was a student notetaker and represented the university for three years through athletics. As a child of Latin American immigrants who fled religious persecution, and as a member of HOLA, I am immensely proud of the work the international community has done here at Trent and I look forward to working with them in order to organize strong networks for incoming international students. Fighting against marginalization is something I have stood behind my entire life and would love to promote these ideals in the TCSA.

Furthermore, I want to create a stronger sense of community between Trent and Peterborough and want to listen and fight on behalf of all Trent students. When elected, there are several plans I will implement in order to enrich everyone’s student experience and create a stronger Wellness atmosphere at Trent. The first component of my vision is to create “Mental Health Months,” these monthly themes would serve to normalize, destigmatize and raise awareness of different mental illnesses that people face daily. Trent is very strong when it comes to providing resources to better students’ mental health, but if they are not widely known, their effectiveness is limited. Another major part of my campaign will be advocating for the addition of Quiet Spaces into every major building at Trent. This implementation will actively benefit students who have anxiety and will promote a safe and healthy learning environment on campus. You can expect many events and changes centred on improving mental health and well-being on campus such as Sunrise Yoga and Meditation, Wellness Nature Walks, Cooking classes, Free Fruit Fridays, Therapy Dogs, Consent + Healthy Relationship Workshops, Addiction Prevention and Overdose Training, Cooking Classes, Bi-monthly Blood Drives and improving our online therapy platform designed to provide student with an opportunity to explore mental health resources anonymously. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate your support in this election as!

Jaime Waite. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Jaime Waite.

Jaime Waite

My name is Jaime Waite, and I am running for Vice President of Student Health and Wellness for the upcoming 2020-2021 year. Although business is my area of study, I can’t speak to my experience at Trent without mentioning my heavy involvement in student life and wellness. This past year I have had the opportunity to hold positions on many different committees and clubs that work towards improving student life; including CASSC, spiritual affairs, housing advisory, wellness sub-committee, and my part in Traill Cabinet as Minister of Human Rights and Accessibility/Minister of Health and Safety. I am grateful to be a part of something I feel so passionately about.

Through my experience with Trent, we have been able to work together to implement changes that positively impact our students’ safety and well-being, such as allocating funds to create plans in the case of STI outbreaks, off-campus housing support policies, and better visibility and safety on campus to reduce the potential for sexual violence. Understanding the privilege that I have, one thing that I feel strongly about is working towards creating a more inclusive and comfortable experience on campus - where conversations can be had and support can be received for all students that desire it.

Should I be elected as the Vice President of Student Health and Wellness, some of my main goals would be to actively work towards the de-stigmatization of mental illness and mental health support, as well as discovering ways we can create better access to healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community at our school. With the awareness of some concerns that have been brought up from our students, I would be willing to work with the athletic centre on establishing gym time slots for women-identified people. Also, I would work towards further eliminating any potentially triggering language or actions used in our school to avoid the unnecessary barriers it could create in marginalizing any communities within both our staff and student population. Finally, I would be willing to coordinate with accessibility services throughout the summer to make sure that there is adequate accommodation for all students that require it; in addition to creating more wellness related events that not only help for the time-being, but enable students to utilize new skills and mechanisms to help in the future as well.

When it comes to student health and wellness, I believe strongly in the importance of inclusion and having a well-rounded understanding of everything that contributes to who we are.

Scoti Campbell. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Scoti Campbell.

Scoti Campbell

Hi there, my name is Scoti and my pronouns are he/him. In this year’s TCSA elections I am running for Vice President of Student Health and Wellness. A little bit about me, I am a third-year student studying psychology and cultural studies here at Trent. I have been on the TCSA for 3 years in different roles and capacities and I’m looking to continue my time on the board for another year. Throughout my entire life I have been faced with many health challenges both physical and mental. Through these experiences I have gained a passion for Health and wellness advocacy. Through my 3 years as a part of the TCSA I have gained a lot of experience in event planning, running campaigns, student advocacy and student representation.

My goal for this position is to have an open relationship with the board and all students in order to support them with health and wellness initiatives. If elected I plan to deliver campaigns and events that focus on physical, mental, emotional and sexual health. In this role, I would want to combat stigma, raise awareness, educate groups, and support health and wellness campaigns while working with campus and community wide partners. I want to continue the work of the current VP student health and wellness as well as start new campaigns and initiatives across Trent and Peterborough. Along with planning campaigns and events I would like to work to improve Trent Health Services on campus, make campus more accessible for everyone, and improve the benefits to fit all student demographics needs.

In regard to campaigns and events, I am hoping to run one major campaign per semester each focusing on a different aspects of health as well as smaller initiatives throughout the school year to promote health and wellness.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and remember vote for accessibility, advocacy, someone who cares and is willing to work hard, vote for Scoti.

Teika Viducis. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Teika Viducis.

Teika Viducis

My name is Teika Viducis and I am running to be your VP Health and Wellness.

I have found that despite the resources that are available, students often don’t know what and where they are. To combat this, I would introduce greater on campus communication and endeavour to run fortnightly wellness programmes. These could include mindfulness and meditation, Standard First Aid/Mental Health First Aid, and any other programming YOU want.

I am the sitting Students with Disabilities Commissioner, I was the 2018/19’s Gender Issues Commissioner, and I have a decade of anti-oppression work at the intersections of Health and Queerness in theological, educational, and community-based contexts.

My perspective on Health and Wellness is shaped by a lifetime of disability and half a decade of harm reduction activism. Health is therefore in my opinion best promoted by two pillars: a focus on harm reduction, and the recognition that people know what they need. Letting our community express what they need and converting those needs into workable solutions is my goal.

As Students with Disabilities Commissioner I maintained a record of access issues on campus in order to determine which were the most commonly reported and thus needed the most work. I would extend these data driven stratagems to all of my actions as VP Health and Wellness.

[caption id="attachment_18093" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Yllka Bojku. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Yllka Bojku.

Yllka Bojku

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be running as a candidate to be your VP Student Health and Wellness. I am an international student double majoring in Mathematics and Computing Systems.

For the past two years I have been serving as the co-chair of WUSC - Student Refugee Program on campus working directly with refugee students. This role comes with a lot of responsibility. Leading a life-changing program such as the SRP has provided me with skills such as leadership, time-management, collaborations with units on campus, event organizing and fundraising and lastly the creation of a national WUSC - Health and Wellness Pillar for newcomers and refugee students. During this academic year I was responsible for assisting with the “Health and Wellness” pillar which included working with our sponsored students towards raising awareness on the services and support available on campus and providing them with the tools and knowledge to access the Canadian Health system.

My experience at Trent has taught me that no matter what I am going through, as long as I am a Trent student I do not have to go through it alone because of the support available and I would love for every single student on campus to feel the same way I feel about being a Trent student. The TCSA and the past VP Student Health and Wellness have been amazing with all they’ve been doing regarding Health and Wellness and I would love the opportunity to be part of this team and continue the amazing work.

If elected, my goal is to be able to reflect my passion and experience about the wellness and inclusiveness of students in my work. I would like to work towards creating supportive groups and giving a voice to students from different backgrounds such as domestic and indigenous students, international students, newcomers, students with visible and non-visible special needs. In this role I would like to highlight the importance of simple things such as taking care of your body, nutrition, mental health, daily habits and its ability to change your performance in every area of your life and work towards equipping everyone with the confidence to ask for help when needed and not neglecting their basic needs because of lack of time or fear of rejection, through different events, workshops, programs and collaborations with units on campus such as the TCSA, Health Services, Trent International and so on.

Candidates for Vice President University & College Affairs

[caption id="attachment_18083" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Basil Pappas. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Basil Pappas.

Basil Pappas

Basil would like to acknowledge that Trent is located on the treaty and traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig Anishinaabeg, and Basil will serve to uphold the teachings and values of the Indigenous peoples. Basil has deep familial ties with Trent University. Both parents are Trent Alumni and Dr. Symons is a family friend. Basil has well and truly grown up in and around Trent. With deep roots extending throughout the Peterborough community through his family business which dates back to 1906. Pappas has a vision for a better University one that is inclusive, accepting, safe and accessible for all. Trent is a great institution and a fixture not only in our community and province but also Canada-wide, boasting tremendous undergraduate statistics. However, vigilance is always needed to improve and adapt to the modern era. Trent must be ready for the rapidly changing world. A world in which 30% of the jobs in 2031 have not even been invented yet. Basil will be going into his fourth year and is majoring in International Development Studies. Basil has the experience necessary to move the University forward in just his first three years as a student. Basil has proven people skills, as shown through his role as president of the Trent Baseball Club 3 years running, President of the Chess Club, who recently showed a respectable performance at the Canadian university tournament. Also, he is an active member of SAID, TUPS and the Billiards Club. Furthermore, Basil is working diligently to revitalize the Model UN club. Basil has many years of experience in the food industry and will use his real-world knowledge and lived experience to help elevate the issues on campus concerning residences and campus food. Basil will work to provide better healthier food on campus at an affordable price for students. He will also bring back inter-college competition with the College Cup. This will bring a sense of pride and renewed identity with students and their colleges. Having run and assisted in organizing many events in Peterborough and around campus such as Multi-Cultural Day, Hellenic Culture Day, and Trent Baseball intramurals. Pappas will bring these organizational abilities to the TCSA table. Basil’s skill set is uniquely suited for the office of Vice president of University and Colleges Affairs and he will ensure that every student will be proud to call Trent their Alma Mater and their second home.

Evan McLeod. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Evan McLeod.

Evan Mcleod

Hi Trent

My name is Evan McLeod, I am a first year Business Administration student, running for the position of Vice President of University and College Affairs in the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) election. I am a very involved student, currently serving on the TCSA board of directors as the First Year off Campus Commissioner and a member of the Varsity soccer team. As a Peterborough resident I understand how important the University is to the local community, and how the local community supports students.

My work as a TCSA board allowed me the opportunity to connect across the university and experience a committee style governance model. I have served on several different committees and been active in our student community.

  • University Service
  • Current Board of Directors Member
  • Member of the TCSA Finance and Operations Committee
  • Member of the Executive Review Committee
  • Member of the Foodservices budget Subcommittee
  • Open House Volunteer
  • Varsity Athletics

In the last year I have seen opportunities for changes and listened to student concerns. These helped form my plans and goals as your Vice President University College Affairs

Plans and Goals

  • Expand O-week activities to include new and returning students
  • Post office hours to ensure availability to meet with students
  • Increase student benefits throughout the community
  • Partner with other organizations for common initiatives
  • Expand dialogue with College Cabinets on common student concerns

With my experience and community connections I will work hard to represent you. Thank you for considering me as your Vice President of University and College Affairs.

Wendy Walker. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Wendy Walker.

Wendy Walker

My name is Wendy Walker and I am a fourth-year English and History Student. I have served for almost 3 years on Traill College Cabinet, 2 of those being Co-President. I have sat on the TCSAs Board of Directors for the last 2 years, representing Traill College and Trent students as a whole. I have been actively involved in Orientation for the last 2 years. My first year as a leader and my second as an Orientation Facilitator. I currently work for Student Affairs as the Risk Management and Transitions Assistant. In my role, I work closely with clubs and student groups on campus through event risk management in this position, as well as constructing the curriculum and training the Orientation Facilitator and Orientation Leaders complete.

As VPUC I want to make Orientation a more meaningfully accessible space for all students on campus. Through collaboration with local groups such as the Council for Persons with Disabilities and the Accessibility and Inclusion Network and on-campus groups, I want to make our events accessible and inclusive to all students. Orientation is undergoing many changes as Trent grows and I think it is essential to both maintain our traditions while also welcoming new ones. This includes working with and increasing the presence of both the First Peoples House of Learning and Trent International as they are vital entities on campus which provide an important space on campus for students, the community, and Trent as a whole

Because of my experiences with Traill Cabinet and Orientation, I have been able to create numerous connections with the TCSA, Trent Administration, clubs and groups, and the Trent student body. Having been involved with levy groups over the last 3 years I am aware of the positive impact levy groups and student organizing brings to a university campus. I want to continue working with and advocating for Levy groups on-campus and with the university administration to ensure their voices and presence is being represented.

I am grateful to be a part of the Trent community and passionate about advocating for my fellow students. My experience and enthusiasm make me the perfect fit for VP of University and College Affairs.

The winter may be over, but Wendy is coming and a new kind of Walker is in town.

Candidates for Students with Disabilities Commissioner

Amylyn Unelli. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Amylyn Unelli.

Amylyn Unelli

To be different, does not mean to be less.

Hi Trent! My name is Amylyn Unelli and I am running for the position of The Student’s with Disabilities Commissioner.

As a student with an invisible disability, I have experienced first-hand some of the barriers preventing students from realizing their potential. To no longer define individuals with physical and or mental disabilities as less than or inferior, but with an equal opportunity and the means to accomplish whatever they desire, is my objective.

By working closely with the Board of Directors and groups on campus such as Trent Student Accessibility Services, Active Minds, and Peer Support, I aspire to improve disability awareness, improve accessibility around campus, and provide equal opportunity for all students no matter the obstacle set in place. For those who would not otherwise speak, I aspire to emphasize the importance of accessibility, equality, and to begin the conversation about disability.

Disabilities often occur in close association, meaning, they typically go together. This can make the process of overcoming one’s obstacles even more challenging. Whether it be one or several concurrent disabilities restricting a student, I am determined to challenge ableism in all of its forms and turn disability in THIS ability.

Max Setka. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Max Setka.

Max Setka

My name is Max Setka and in September 2020 I will be going into my fifth and final year at Trent University in Honors History. I’m doing my BA in 5 years as I’m an SAS student taking an 80% workload each school year.

A little bit about me ...I am a young adult with a physical disability known as Arthrogryposis, the primary issue that I experience due to this is that it inhibits what I can do with my legs and impacts other motor skills and other manual labour tasks. I am interested in being the Students With Disabilities Commissioner because I believe that I have a unique experience having gone through four years of University with my condition. If you have seen me around campus you will likely be aware that I use leg braces to walk and often use canes or a wheelchair (manual) to get around in certain circumstances. I also have learning disabilities and ADHD and have managed well at Trent using some of the various supports that are in place for students. Including but not limited to - extra time for exams, use of a laptop, note sharing, and the Rebound program.

If elected to the position I plan to raise awareness of the accessibility concerns surrounding not only the physical aspects of Trent but also those that may not be visible, I will hope to speak with members of the Trent community to better understand what concerns they may have as well as what improvements can be made in order to increase the accessibility of the university.

I would also like to be available to students who may feel as though certain accommodations are not available to them and work as a voice of significance in order to ensure that those are addressed.

Candidate for Racialized Student Commissioner

Moriah Hillyer. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Moriah Hillyer.

Moriah Hillyer

My name is Moriah Layla Hillyer and I am running to be your 2020-2021 Racialized Commissioner on the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA). Growing up I was exposed to the cultures and traditions by both sides of my family and the tribulations that come with being mixed in this country. My Mom and Grandfather are Métis from Manitoulin Island, while the entirety of my father’s side of the family is from Somalia and Kenya.

I am currently in the Swansea – Trent Dual Degree program studying Law and Political Studies as well as an active member on the Trent University Native Association (TUNA) Exec team, with hopes to peruse a career as a Human Rights Lawyer. Since arriving at Trent University, I have been able to work with the TCSA & TUNA to begin finding my purpose and goals as a leader. In the past year I have expressed my concerns about racism on our campus to the TCSA, Professors, and the Canadian Federation of Students, and will not stop until students on our campus are free of discrimination and prosecution based of their ethnicity or the colour of their skin.

Being your Racialized Commissioner will allow me to use my platform to ensure that Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) student voices are heard, and that change occurs for those who are marginalised

As Racialized Commissioner I will work with regional groups such as TUNA, TACSU, TISA etc. in order to create safe spaces for Racialized students; spaces where they can find workshops, counseling, and resources for when they are faced with racism and oppression on our campus.

As Racialized Commissioner I promise to bring in outside leaders and educate students on the safe and effective ways to address racism on Campus.

As Racialized Commissioner I will work with the Canadian Federation of Students to bring Trent University Student’s concerns to a national level, and fight for change within our institute.

Candidate for Women’s Student Commissioner

Lauren Graziotto. Photo courtesy of the Trent Central Student Association and Lauren Graziotto.

Lauren Graziotto

My name is Lauren Graziotto. I will be entering my second year of undergraduate studies in the Forensic Psychology (BSc) program here at Trent University in the fall. I am running for the position of Women’s Student Commissioner. When I am elected, I wish to work closely with the Kawartha Sexual Assault Center and the Consent at Trent program. My goal is to help support those who have been affect by sexual violence but also their peers and allies as it is tough to know how to support those going through this kind of trauma. As well as, for the allies to find the support they need to be able to deal with the trauma being confessed to them. I hope to accomplish this by hosting workshops, events, and to have a center here on campus that acts as a branch of the Kawartha Sexual Assault Center to help those on campus more directly and efficiently. I would also like to reach out to more NGO’s in the area to have more volunteer opportunities for students on campus and in the surrounding area to help women grow their resumes.

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