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Kayla Stanistreet of Salti Yoga. Photo by Samantha Moss.

The karma of Salti Yoga

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April 22, 2016
The karma of Salti Yoga
Kayla Stanistreet of Salti Yoga. Photo by Samantha Moss.

“Inhale the good shit and exhale the bad shit,” reads the upcoming shirt designed by the creators of Salti Yoga.

Peterborough’s latest yoga studio offers apparel and products essential to the lifestyle. For creators Kayla Stanistreet and Tara Meldrum, that is exactly what the yoga is: a lifestyle.

In addition to the benefits yoga holds for the body, Stanistreet and Meldrum explained the benefits of yoga for the mind and for one’s life outside of the studio. Through cultivating awareness, the studio encourages its members to explore the healthiest version of themselves.

It is not uncommon for members of Salti Yoga to comment to Stanistreet and Meldrum about how the yoga lifestyle has been positively affecting their marriages, for example. Stanistreet describes yoga as a healthy habit that’s easy to get “hooked” on.

During classes, members practice mindfulness, which the team at Salti Yoga describes as consciously observing one’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

The purpose of this is to act in reflection of oneself and lead by example in making the world a better place.

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All photos by Samantha Moss[/caption]

Most importantly for students, yoga can act as a healthy means of coping with and relieving stress. Furthermore, it improves the quality of sleep and cognitive functioning abilities.

Stanistreet and Meldrum are on a mission to serve the earth, and are committed to making the smallest impact possible on the environment.

They acknowledged that refraining from building a new space would be most helpful for the environment, but the business partners were passionate about creating an optimal venue to foster bonding in a community free of judgement.

Not absent of their passion for the environment, Stanistreet and Meldrum committed to using recycled building materials and remain mindful in keeping renovations as earth-friendly as possible.

From the various flooring to the cleaning products used, Salti Yoga takes on the most ethical options for the environment.

Stanistreet herself made the adorable hooks in the women’s change room from small tree branches.

Their products are no exception. Reusable water bottles help reduce plastics and the mats are biodegradable, made from natural rubber.

Canadian-made apparel by Inner Fire and Tonic Apparel is sold in the foyer. The leggings are made in Vancouver consisting of 88 per cent polyester fibre made from recycled post-consumer drinking bottles.

Salti Yoga is going further by developing their own line of tank top designs featuring yoga puns and the studio’s logo.

Nich Tees, a new Peterborough company that shares the building with Salti Yoga and other vendors, will print the tops.

It is difficult, but important, to find a balance between the business goals and the health of the earth, Stanistreet explained.

The key is to offer products and services that the team can feel good about, stand behind and believe in.

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Editor’s note: A special thanks to the creators of this warm and positive space that made our Self Love Week shoot possible.[/caption]

Meldrum began her journey in police foundations in London, but moved to Peterborough in 2006 for the love of her life.

Though the transition to small city Peterborough was difficult for Meldrum, the people she began to connect with made it enjoyable.

Stanistreet moved to Peterborough in 2008, to study at Trent University. Originally a Kingston girl interested in international development, Stanistreet graduated Trent with a degree in psychology.

Opening a yoga studio in Peterborough was not a long-time plan for either Meldrum or Stanistreet.

In fact, the two fell out of commitment to the lifestyle before re-discovering it through Peterborough’s Moksha Yoga studio.

It was not until Stanistreet moved downtown that her strong connections to the small city began. After working for Moksha Yoga for nearly three years, Stanistreet and Meldrum traveled to Victoria, BC in 2012, to train as instructors.

The two worked hard for 1.5 years to prepare for this business venture before their opening party on October 23, 2015.

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Head to Salti Yoga for some awesome yoga pieces![/caption]

Stanistreet and Meldrum were happily shocked by the turnout.

While some attendees were friends and family, a number of new faces were lined up outside the studio before Stanistreet and Meldrum unlocked the door.

“COME IN, WE’RE AWESOME,” reads the sign on the glass door. The downtown location is lit by day through an abundance of sunlight that pours in through the glass walls at the front of the store.

Holding up the high ceilings, the studio walls feature nature-inspired impressionist paintings by Anne Lawless.

The décor is minimalistic and utilitarian with soft colours and green plants. The foyer displays retail products.

A cozy lounge offers books to read and complimentary tea to sip on while the change rooms don white, green and wooden accents.


Two studio spaces and a registered massage therapist space occupy the rest of the building.

A variety of advanced classes are offered alongside a beginner’s class.

As the only studio in Peterborough that offers aerial yoga, it is the class that is often booked weeks in advance.

On the weekend, an aerial yoga class for children is offered during a hot yoga session in the basement for the benefit of parents.

A slow and relaxing class of restorative yoga allows for meditation while Yoga Jam allows for laughter, music and strengthening of the body.

Laughter is not uncommon in the studio as private parties are offered for a variety of occasions.

For new members, the studio offers a $40 intro month pass to try unlimited classes for 30 days. For those afraid of commitment, an $18 day-pass is available, as well as towel and mat rental service.

Moving forward, Salti Yoga will host a kids’ yoga camp this summer and will participate in the second annual Peterborough Yoga Festival in June. But the most exciting adventure takes place in the fall.

Currently, each Friday evening at 8p.m., Salti Yoga hosts a special class called “Karma Yoga.” For just five dollars, participants arrive to stretch and strengthen their bodies for a cause.

In the fall, Stanistreet will travel to Nicaragua to build a home for a family in need, but needs to raise $3,000 first.

She has been working closely with Change Heroes and the TECHO Campaign for this venture.

Between donations from friends and family, and the five-dollar donation fee of the Karma Yoga classes, Salti Yoga has to raise less than $1,000 by the nearing deadline of May 1.

To participate or learn more, visit or stop by the store!

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A minute in the space and you already feel peaceful surrounded by the art and aesthetic[/caption]

Lady Eaton College and Forensic Science Society
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Teaching Awards by The Centre for Teaching and Learning at Trent
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Lady Eaton College and Forensic Science Society
ReFrame 2021
Teaching Awards by The Centre for Teaching and Learning at Trent
Arthur News School of Fish
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