Arthur Newspaper: Volume 58

An Interview with Neurodiverse Professor Dr. Katrina Keefer
In the first instalment of his column interviewing neurodiverse academics, staff writer Ian Vansegbrook profiles swordfighter and polymath Dr. Katrina Keefer, who discusses her experiences in grad school while having ADHD.
A Tearful Goodbye to the Varsity Volleyball Season
It has happened; the day we feared, when the Trent varsity Volleyball season would come to an end. We’ve come through many trials and tribulations, underdogs of the highest calibre, elite athletes, performing against overwhelming odds. This final (for now…) edition of Arthur’s coverage of the team will cover the events of the final home games, including both the White-out and final game, as well as some of the goodbyes and good journalism you expect. 
English Department and Anne Shirley Theatre Company Host Shakespeare Cabaret in Nozhem Theatre
On the evening of February 17th, Shakespeare fans and cynics alike packed into Trent University’s Nozhem Theatre to watch the Shakespeare Cabaret—a collaboration between Trent’s English department and the Anne Shirley Theatre Company (ASTC). Arthur's Mikaela Lewis and Ian Vansegbrook were both there to take it all in.
Radio Free Arthur
This week, the editors have a big announcement. Thanks to Bill C-18, Arthur's hiring policies have been revamped and starting next volume, all applications and expressions of interest must be made through the paper's Bumble Bizz profile.
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