Arthur Newspaper: Volume 58

OPIRG Peterborough Announces Dis-Orientation Week 2023: Rebirth and Disruption
OPIRG Peterborough is proud to announce the much-anticipated launch of Dis-Orientation Week 2023, “Rebirth and Disruption: Solidarity, Identity, and New Imaginaries” taking place September 25th-October 1st, 2023. 
"Gender Ideology" Protesters Met With Substantial Opposition in Peterborough
A large crowd of counter protesters gathered outside of Peterborough City Hall on Wednesday September 20th to send a clear message that Trans and Queer youth are welcomed in our community.
How Books Bring Communities Together: Take Cover Books Celebrates Grand Opening
Books bring communities together—a fact of life that has and continues to be the foundation of all great places of learning. In the days following the grand opening, which was packed full of smiling faces and books flying off the shelves, I returned to my favourite corner of East City to talk to the brothers about how they see their store as creating and maintaining a community of readers in Peterborough.
Radio Free Arthur
With one Editor out of commission due to exposure, the remaining Arthur Editors, Abbigale Kernya and Evan Robins, discuss the past week in Peterborough news as Arthur returns to the airwaves. In this episode, we discuss the recent Peterborough Pride Week and the growing movement of hate being directed toward queer and trans communities.
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