How History Rhymes
Karol Orzechowski weaves Canada's present state of calamity into a similar, and equally as absurd time about twenty years ago when 9/11 became the impetus for many shades of political maneuvering, state sanctioned evil, and ideological mayhem.
What We Know About Vaccine Exemptions At Trent
October 23rd, the last day for students to submit their proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Trent in order to be eligible to attend classes, has now come and gone. While the vast majority of Trent students, staff, and faculty are fully vaccinated, there are many who have requested exemptions from the vaccine policy. Katie Pedlar explores Trent’s vaccine exemption criteria to outline how staff and students have secured exemptions from this public health measure.
Justin Trudeau is Executing an Ideological Purge in the Federal Bureaucracy
Re-elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced last week that his Liberal government will require COVID-19 vaccinations throughout the federal service and this anonymous contributor to Arthur is on-board. Read more to find out why L.A. Seneca thinks this public health measure is coming at the right time.
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