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C’est Moi: Katie Pedlar!
From a young age, I have overestimated how much the world needs my opinion and that's a quality shared by many writers. Whether you acknowledge it or not, Peterborough is a special place and it’s filled with stories worth telling. I am happy and humbled to be part of that. Deadlines have a way of turning me to stone. When I am not grappling with deadline paralysis, I am shredding it on my mountain bike at the Harold Town trails, knitting two then purling two and chipping away at my undergraduate degree. If you’ve come to realise that your story is worth telling let me know. Remember: The Otonabee is where I wanna be!

Chapter One of 'Highway Robbery: An Odyssey of Bikes Stolen in Peterborough'
In this first instalment of her series, Katie Pedlar retells her personal experiences with bike theft in Peterborough. Drama, crime, and intrigue -- this odyssey has it all! Katie confronts cycling as a paradox: it is a symbol of wealth and hardship, a means of transportation, a creative outlet and a metaphor for Peterborough itself.
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