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Trent English Department Launches Chickenscratch Anthology at Traill College
The returned of a hallowed anthology of Trent student writing strikes a question into the hearts of all those whom bear it witness: "Who up scratching they chickens?"
Traill College Hosts Ashley Fellow, Bridget Larocque for Decolonization Lecture Series
On the evening of February 8th, members of the Trent University community packed into Bagnani Hall at Catherine Parr Traill College to hear a lecture from the 2023/2024 Ashley Fellow, Bridget Larocque. The talk, titled “A Northern Perspective on Decolonization and Indigenization—Retelling Narratives” is a part of the university’s North at Trent lecture series, a program of public talks organized by Trent’s Canadian Studies program featuring and focusing on Northern Canada.
Trent and Modernist Architecture
During the 1950s, the “International Style” came to Canada. This style of architecture, also referred to as “international modernism” rejected the ornamentation of the decade's prior dominance of art-deco and lasted from about 1917-1965. This movement had a strong influence on Trent University's Lead Architect, Ron Thom. Cameron Noble tells the story behind what makes Trent's Peterborough campuses unique across Canada.
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