City Hall

Peterborough Council Faces "sobering reality" of the 2025 City Budget
Another difficult budget is on the horizon for the City of Peterborough, as City Staff informed Councillors during an all day meeting on Tuesday June 11th.
Council Approves Armour Road Apartment Building After Five Years of Delays, Protests, and Appeals
A notice of motion brought forward by Mayor Jeff Leal which would see City staff be directed to initiate an amendment to the City’s Official Plan which would allow for the development of a seven-storey apartment building by Parkview Homes on the corner of Cunningham and Armour Road in Peterborough was ratified during a meeting of Council on June 10th.
Residents Rally Outside City Hall as Leal Pushes Back On “totally false” Rumours
Concerned residents gathered on the steps of City Hall and the crowd sprawled across the sidewalk and George Street into Confederation Square Monday evening as Council met.
Radio Free Arthur
After a week away, the editors return with the story of the century: Pickleball is back in the hearts and minds of Peterborans, and it's heating things up at City Hall!
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