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Heritage Planning with Erik Hanson
In this article, Lauryn Sloos speaks with Erik Hanson, the Heritage Resources Coordinator of the City if Peterborough and head of the Heritage Preservation Office about how he got into the role and what heritage planning is all about in Peterborough.
Peterborough's Official Plan: Shaping Your Home for Decades to Come
In this article, Rob Gibson covers the final Open House in the consultation process for Peterborough's Official Plan. He delves into what community members are saying about the environmental implications of the plan: wetland buffers, urban density, green buildings, affordable housing -- find out where the City stands, and where we're headed.
Has City Hall Failed the Transgender Community?
In this article, Robert Gibson explores the debate about change rooms at the Peterborough Wellness Centre--diving into whether or not transgender and non-binary folks are being heard by the City of Peterborough. In addition to pointing out some of the transphobic rhetoric being espoused by community members, Gibson interviews a transgender man to provide insight on the developing situation.
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