City Hall

Portfolio Chairs By-Law Passes After Heated Debate
A by-law meant to streamline Peterborough City Councillor’s portfolios has passed following a lengthy and at times heated discussion during the February 26th Council Meeting.
City Council Motion Urges Federal, Provincial Governments to Rethink Post-Secondary Policies, Trent Defends "Moderate" Enrolment Growth
Peterborough City Councillors will vote on a notice of motion concerning the recently introduced cap on international study permits by the federal government.
Editorial: We Went to Cleantech Commons So You Don't Have To
The Arthur Editors ventured to the site of Trent's clean technology park to get a sense of what might one day be only to discover some beautiful City-built-and-paid-for roads, a few benches, and a roundabout amid a snowy, but doubtlessly shovel-ready, field.
Currents x Arthur - Budget Week 2024
Why does a major street with three schools nearby not have sidewalks to begin with? Can the city really not afford to build one? And what does all of this say about the way Peterborough has been developing in recent decades?
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