Cyber Security and COVID: What It Means For You
As part of Arthur's ongoing coveraged of Trent's Covid-19 response, Evan Robins interrogates the implementation of mandatory self-assessments for Covid symptoms, raising questions of their effectiveness, and the possible privacy implications for students.
No Way In For International Students
Canadian universities and the government are both pushing for international students to complete their education in Canada, but are failing to sufficiently help them navigate the many barriers necessary to re-enter the country. Is Trent part of the problem?
What We Know About Vaccine Exemptions At Trent
October 23rd, the last day for students to submit their proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Trent in order to be eligible to attend classes, has now come and gone. While the vast majority of Trent students, staff, and faculty are fully vaccinated, there are many who have requested exemptions from the vaccine policy. Katie Pedlar explores Trent’s vaccine exemption criteria to outline how staff and students have secured exemptions from this public health measure.
Black Girls Chatter
In this episode Shaela and Alicia dive into the history of carding in Canada, and how Doug Fords latest announcement on April 16th affects the BIPOC community.
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