Creative Writing

Trent English Department Launches Chickenscratch Anthology at Traill College
The returned of a hallowed anthology of Trent student writing strikes a question into the hearts of all those whom bear it witness: "Who up scratching they chickens?"
Drew Hayden Taylor: The Arthur Interview
Arthur editor Evan Robins caught up with author Drew Hayden Taylor following last week's launch of his new novel, COLD, to chat about writing, the honorary doctorate he received from Trent University, and how it feels to be a rockstar of contemporary literature—at least in his own way.
How to Write Better, Faster, and More 
Coordinating Editor Evan Robins offers a witty and winding cornucopia's worth of writing advice for those seeking professional advice on the improvement of their craft. Read on for all sorts of insights the more respectable journalists won't tell you!
Radio Free Arthur
The Editors reunite once again in the studio to bring you the hard-hitting news: creative writing seminars suck and Arthur's beloved Sally Rooney is releasing a new novel.
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