Dave Haacke

Editorial: A Beginner's Guide To City Council
I have been fortunate enough to make my grand debut at City Hall alongside Arthur’s Editor-In-Chief and City Hall regular, Sebastian-Johnston Lindsay on May 8th, where I willingly dove head first into a municipal pit of snakes to witness the unfolding of what can only be described as a middle school fight over who gets to kick the ball at recess. 
"This Will Be Your Legacy": Council Approves Plan For Modular Housing On Wolfe Street
Peterborough’s City Council met on the evening of May 23rd to discuss and bring forth amendments to the Homelessness Service Strategy previously adopted on May 8th. The motion, which centres around the implementation of modular housing at 210 Wolfe Street, has been a controversial proposal among both residents in and around Wolfe Street and amongst councillors themselves.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training Made Mandatory for Councillors Following Discussion on Race and Cultural Identity
Town Ward Councillor Joy Lachica's motion to add "Race and Identity" as one of the priorities of concern under the Peterborough Community Saftey and Wellbeing Place was ultimately deferred until Council can hear from DEI Officer Reem Ali next month.
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