Food on Campus

I Watched a Man Eat 1.25 Rotisserie Chickens On My 26th Birthday
On the afternoon of his 26th birthday, David King joined a group of students and community members in spectating one man's attempt to eat two President’s Choice Barbecue Seasoned Whole Chickens. His name? The Chicken Man.
Student Politics Done Quick: TCSA November 12 BoD Meeting
On November 12th the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Board of Directors convened following the ratification of new commissioners and the fulfilment of the outstanding Vice President College and University Affairs (VPUC) position.
“What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”: A Cooking Class and Workshop at the Seasoned Spoon
ood insecurity is not an unfamiliar topic, especially for students. This has many people asking “What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”. The Seasoned Spoon and TCSA hosted a collaborative event by this name on Monday November 13th. The event included a cooking class and workshop surrounding the matter.
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Food on Campus