Magali is a journalist at Arthur who is particularly interested in history and culture. She finds importance in spreading the talent and intention behind artistic and literary pieces. As a student in the Trent University Teacher Education Stream, she is also passionate about issues regarding school and cognitive development

In her free time, Magali enjoys reading mystery novels, hiking on the trails, playing piano and watching reality shows.

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Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination: A Review
In this review of Edogawa Rampo's collection of stories, Magali Nichol notes the common trend of logic, objectivity, and intellect intertwined with erotic grotesque.
“What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”: A Cooking Class and Workshop at the Seasoned Spoon
ood insecurity is not an unfamiliar topic, especially for students. This has many people asking “What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”. The Seasoned Spoon and TCSA hosted a collaborative event by this name on Monday November 13th. The event included a cooking class and workshop surrounding the matter.
Till Death Do Us Part: Injustice in Marriage as Seen in Vasili Pukirev’s The Unequal Marriage
Located at Galerie Tretiakov, The Unequal Marriage is a timeless painting that puts into perspective the realities of 19th-century Russian marriage. Although it caters to the era in which it is contextualized, it explores themes that are still prevalent to this day; gender and class dynamics.
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2023-11-26 | A Haunted Puzzle
People who predict the future
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November 26, 2023
2023-11-19 | ABCDEFGHIJ
Down-to-earth quality
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