Head of the Trent Regatta and Homecoming

Trent University and the Thin Beer Line
Jumping back into the Bowlcut well Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay reviews another Trent Board meeting with a special focus on the actions of (high school) students (totally not related to Trent) during Hoco weekend.
What’s the Deal With Trent’s Party Life?
Following (another) Trent student party making local headlines Evan Robins wonders whether they might be gaining a reputation as a party school. In this Op-Ed she examines the history of parties during the last two years of the pandemic and explores how this will affect the student body and Trent as an institution.
Getting HOTT During COVID
Katie Pedlar updates the Trent community re: the Head of the Trent Regatta in the context of COVID-19, and how the Alumni Association is adapting.
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Head of the Trent Regatta and Homecoming