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Council Ratifies Decision to Declare Intimate Partner Violence an Epidemic, Approves Inspection By-Law
Peterborough City Councillors re-affirmed their support at the November 27th Council Meeting for two initiatives previously given approval at General Committee after hearing delegations from community members.
Councillors Approve Further Consultation For New Arena Placement and New Development Strategy, While Amending Tenting By-Law and Declaring Intimate Partner Violence an Epidemic
Following the introduction of the 2024 Draft Budget on November 6th, Peterborough City Council convened for General Committee where they provided initial support for the continuation of feasibility studies related to a new Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre, a Community Planning Permit System, and adopted an important motion to recognize Intimate Partner Violence an epidemic.
City Council Approves New Parking Regulations, Construction Project on Trent Symons Campus, Pledges to Fight the Housing Crisis
The General Committee meeting of Peterborough’s city council on October 30th focused largely on four key issues: the city’s efforts to recruit new physicians to service its growing population, an update to the city’s parking bylaws, a pledge to solve Peterborough’s housing crisis, and the examination of a proposal to build a new electricity storage facility on Trent’s Symons campus.
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This week we talked about Dave Smith being rude (sexist?) to Joy Lachica over a misunderstanding about how the Conservative Ontario government backed off a plan to defund the Ontario Arts Council by 15%. Thin skin much?
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