Joy Lachica

Council Gives Unanimous Support for Provincial Anti-Harassment Legislation Aimed at Municipal Leaders
At a General Committee meeting on March 6th, Peterborough Councillors gave their unanimous support to a motion brought forth by Town Ward Councillor, Alex Bierk, to write a letter of support for a provincial private members bill known as Bill 5, Stopping Harassment and Abuse by Local Leaders Act. 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training Made Mandatory for Councillors Following Discussion on Race and Cultural Identity
Town Ward Councillor Joy Lachica's motion to add "Race and Identity" as one of the priorities of concern under the Peterborough Community Saftey and Wellbeing Place was ultimately deferred until Council can hear from DEI Officer Reem Ali next month.
Peterborough Transit Budget to Remain at 2022 Levels for 2023
Spending for Peterborough Transit will remain at 2022 levels until Council receives a report on transit in March following a motion which passed 9-2 on January 17th. The motion was passed despite warnings from City Staff that the move would result in a reduction in service and likely cost some workers and drivers their jobs.
Peterborough Politics Podcast
Episode 4! We finally have local music to serve as the official #PtboPoliPod theme! Big shout out to Garbageface for supplying us with these bangers. The second is that we hosted our first guest on the show, Councillor Matt Crowley, who joined us to talk about his experience as a new City Councillor.
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