A poet, an emcee, a teacher and an organizer, Danny Taro is the Business Manager and Web Developer for Arthur. With an entrepreneurial spirit, and experience rooted in art-as-activism, Taro works closely with our Co-Editors-in-Chief to adapt Arthur for the next generation and through the Covid-19 pandemic. A self-described "humble, not mumble," rapper, our man with the plan once had an interview published in Arthur about his debut mixtape, Erroneous Autumn. More recently, Danny Taro found himself working as a Teacher in Bangkok, Thailand, where he started the band Peanut Butter Jams with his partner and friends. He started working at Arthur shortly after his return to Peterborough-Nogojiwanong as a way to get his crossword puzzles published in the local newspaper. Soon after, Taro joined the Board of Directors where he now sits as External Affairs Commissioner. When asked about his vision for the future, he stated, "we are aiming to transform the local media climate by making Arthur the best it can be."

"Be ruthless with systems, be kind with people."

- Michael Brooks

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With Your Heart and Your Head: A More Strategic Vote
In this op-ed, Danny Taro breaks down his strategy of voting for the NDP and encourages those aligned with the party to stay true to their political identity.
Orange Not Sus: Jagmeet Singh and AOC prophesize progressive victory in ‘Among Us’ livestream
Canadian NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and U.S. congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez build progressive solidarity in a livestream of Among Us. Danny Taro has the highlights, both for the ever-popular video game and for the political discourse between two progressive rising stars.
2023-05-06 | UP
Dramatizing in a game of charades
Edited by
Danny Taro
May 6, 2023