Lesley Parnell

City Council Approves New Parking Regulations, Construction Project on Trent Symons Campus, Pledges to Fight the Housing Crisis
The General Committee meeting of Peterborough’s city council on October 30th focused largely on four key issues: the city’s efforts to recruit new physicians to service its growing population, an update to the city’s parking bylaws, a pledge to solve Peterborough’s housing crisis, and the examination of a proposal to build a new electricity storage facility on Trent’s Symons campus.
Money Trees Not Expected to Grow at City Hall
Peterborough’s City Council met for a final council meeting before their summer holiday for a night generously described as hostile, misinformed, and out of order. Delegations proved to be both informative and completely unhinged. 
Editorial: A Beginner's Guide To City Council
I have been fortunate enough to make my grand debut at City Hall alongside Arthur’s Editor-In-Chief and City Hall regular, Sebastian-Johnston Lindsay on May 8th, where I willingly dove head first into a municipal pit of snakes to witness the unfolding of what can only be described as a middle school fight over who gets to kick the ball at recess. 
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